Engagement Bands Shopping Guide

Almost every man and woman have dreamt about their engagement and wedding day, and everyone wants to have a perfect engagement and wedding day. People start preparing for their engagement day months before the actual day because they want everything to be perfect. In all this process, they face a roller coaster ride of emotions in which stress and excitement are the most dominant.

While people prepare for the engagement day, they forget about the most important part of the day: the engagement bands or rings. No engagement is complete without the band; therefore, you must get your band a few days before the day. You can also attend Personalized Ring Engraving Services if you are interested in engraving of your rings. Getting an engagement ring is not an easy task, so here is a shopping guide that will help you find the perfect diamond engagement band.

What is an Engagement Band:

There are many different types of bands that you find on the internet and in the shops. One of them is the engagement bands. Engagement bands are usually given at the time of proposals or when a couple gets engaged. For many individuals’ engagement rings are more significant than wedding rings.

There are various types of engagement rings in the market, and the most common ones are diamond engagement rings. Here is everything you need to know when you will buy the engagement rings.

Shopping Guide for Engagement Rings:

Following are a few of the important things when getting diamond engagement rings.

1. Choosing the Shape of the Ring:

The first thing you need to consider when getting the engagement rings is the shape of the rings. Many different rings are available, and each cut or shape of the diamond stone has a different price.

Following are some of the shapes that are common in diamond engagement rings:

  • Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

The diamond engagement rings’ most popular and loved shape is the round cut. It is one of the most expensive and costly cuts for the engagement ring, and this is because these rings offer the maximum amount of light reflection and brilliance.

  • Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings:

If you want something royal and the princess, this princess cut engagement ring can be your option. This beautiful big stone with slight square edges gives a lot of sparkles and is one of the most modern styles in engagement rings. These offer a good amount of brilliance, and they are less expensive than the round cut rings.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings:

Another very common and exquisite cut of the diamond is the cushion cut. It is a perfect blend of the square cut with the round and defined edges. The cushion-cut has been in fashion since the 18th century and makes a beautiful and stunning engagement ring.

There are many other shapes of the diamond stone, such as the emerald shape, marquise cut, oval cut etc., but a few mentioned above are the most common and the most appreciated shapes for engagement rings.

2. Choosing the Metal for the Rings:

Another important thing about the engagement ring is picking the right metal. The metal of the ring can elevate the look of the rings or make the ring look bad. There are three main types of metal used: platinum, gold and silver.

Platinum is the most expensive option out of the three, but it is very hard and durable. Other than that, it goes well with the diamond. Another option is gold, and you can pair white gold with diamond rings. Lastly, the best and the most affordable choice is silver. It is also durable and goes perfectly with diamond rings.

3. Carat and the Size of the Diamond:

Another important thing about diamond rings is the carat and the size of the diamond. This depends on how much bigger the amount is, the larger and heavier stone you can get.

Therefore, it depends on your preference what type of look you are going for and the money you can spend on your engagement rings.

4. Learn about the 4C’s:

Another thing that is very important when purchasing diamond engagement rings is the 4C’s that you need to know before purchasing the engagement rings. The 4C’s means the carat, clarity, cut, and diamond color for the rings. These parameters will help you evaluate the stone’s quality and pricing. The better the grading of these 4C’, the better the quality and the price of the diamond will be higher.

Therefore, before purchasing the stones, ensure that you are learning about these 4C’s to get the best quality rings for your engagement day.

5. Settings of the Stones:

If you want a beautiful and eye-catching engagement ring, you need to ensure that you select a good stone setting. Some stone settings are very popular; a few are mentioned below.

  • Claw or Prong Setting:

The claw or the prong setting is one of the most popular stone settings. The reason for its fame is that it lets the stone shine from all its sides and enhances the brilliance of the diamond.

  • Bezel Setting:

If you want something that can secure the diamond in its place, then the bezel setting can be the best option. The diamond is held in place with the metal that pushes the stones from all the sides, and the stone is in the metal cage.

  • Three-stone setting:

The most famous and used setting is the three-stone setting, in which three diamond stones are placed adjacent to each other. It gives the ultimate beauty to the ring and enhances the ring’s sparkle.

There are many other settings that you can opt for, such as the pave setting or channel setting. It depends on your preference and what kind of look you are going for.


Every woman in the world wants a real diamond ring on their engagement day; therefore, you must be purchasing the best quality and the best design of the engagement ring. The guide mentioned above will help you understand all the things about engagement rings so that you can purchase a perfect ring for your partner.