EXT Broker Review: Unveiling the Pros and Cons of EXT Trading Platform

EXT is a Cyprus-based investment company that provides direct market access to over 50 markets and 700,000+ financial instruments. They’ve been in operation since 2012, uniting IT and financial specialists from all over the world to deliver high technological solutions for trading.

Their vision is to offer global multi-asset financial services from a single account, using the best solutions customized to ensure an efficient and easy connection to the markets while maintaining the highest security and performance levels.

Financial Instruments Offered by EXT

EXT offers a diversified product portfolio that includes:

  • Stocks & ETFs
  • Currencies
  • Metals
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Funds
  • Bonds

This extensive range of financial products allows traders to diversify their portfolios and find the right fit for their investment strategy.

Trading Platform

EXT offers trading on its proprietary platform, which is fast, intuitive, and secure. It provides traders with the ability to manage multiple accounts and currencies from one profile. The platform is fully functional in 10 languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

However, it’s worth noting that the platform has a small selection of technical indicators and doesn’t allow users to add their own or third-party indicators.

Spreads & Commission

EXT’s commissions start at 0.02 USD for stocks and ETFs and currency spreads – at 0.3.

Account Opening

Opening an account with EXT is a smooth process. They only offer a single standard account, with the minimum deposit amount undisclosed. The maximum leverage is up to 1:30 for retail clients according to EMSA regulation, while professional traders can apply for higher leverage.

Customer Support

EXT provides reliable customer support, which is crucial in the fast-paced world of trading. They can be reached via telephone, fax, or email, ensuring that traders can get the help they need when they need it.

Comparing EXT with Other Brokers

When compared to other brokers like Saxo Bank and Interactive Brokers, EXT holds its own. They offer access to more than 50 renowned international exchanges. Their fees for equity transactions on USexchanges are $0.02 per security, which is competitive.

However, the minimum deposit amount is €10,000, which may not be suitable for novice traders or those with a smaller investment budget.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, EXT is a solid choice for experienced traders looking for a wide range of financial products and a reliable trading platform. Their customer support is commendable, and their fees are competitive. However, their high minimum deposit amount and lack of technical indicators on their platform may be a deterrent for some traders.

Remember, investing in certain instruments, including stocks, options, futures, foreign currencies, and bonds involve a high level of risk. Trading on margin comes with substantial risk as well. Always be aware of these risks before opening an account to trade.