Extend Your Doorway Screen with Magnets Use Beyond Summer

If you live in a house with a backyard and front yard, you probably have a “transition to summertime” ritual. Almost everyone has one. Maybe you pull out your lounge chairs and stock your fridge with refreshing drinks, uncover the pool and don your new bathing suit, or set up a yard sprinkler to keep the grass green. But what about screen door installation? That’s one summer preparation that most people don’t look forward to, and after summer is over, you have to remove it again—only to do the same thing next season. But installing your summer screen doesn’t have to be a hassle if you choose to install a doorway screen with magnets.

You have to keep those bugs out somehow, but if you have kids or pets, your screen door may end up open more than closed. A doorway screen with magnets, though, features a seam of magnets right down the middle. The magnets open easily with a nudge, so you won’t have to stop whatever you’re doing to help your kids or pets. After it’s opened, the doorway screen naturally falls closed again thanks to the pull of the magnets.

Not all front and back doors come equipped with a doggy door, so doorway screens with magnets are perfect for potty training and allowing your puppy to explore the great outdoors. If your dog is learning how to go outside on their own, you don’t want to slow down that progress by accidentally forgetting to open the door when your dog really has to go.

A doorway screen with magnets is safe for kids and pets to use on their own while keeping your house safe from bugs and other pests. The screen is made of a durable but safe mesh material so you won’t have to worry about your kids’ fingers or your dog’s tail getting caught in the screen door.

Installation for a doorway screen with magnets is easy, too. You won’t have to call your neighbor or hire a service to perform a professional installation. Magnetic screens can be easily attached to fixed, sliding, metal, or wooden doors with thumbtacks or hook and loop backing. They’re great for balcony doors, sliding patio doors, and RV doors too, which aren’t always suited to storm door installation. When you’re ready to remove the curtain at the end of screen door season, you can do so with ease. If you would rather keep the screen up year-round, the mesh is durable enough to withstand the elements. Rain, wind, and snow are no match for these strong magnets.

When exposed to cold temperatures and outdoor elements like snow, many ordinary storm doors will frost up if they are too tight. They may also require special weatherstripping materials to protect them like tension seals, felt, foam tape, or door sweeps. These bridge the gaps on storm doors, but many need to be installed using nails and screws. Because doorway screens with magnets are so durable, they won’t frost over when exposed to colder elements.

Magnetic screen doors come in many different materials including fiberglass mesh, polyester mesh, and ABS plastic. Fiberglass mesh and polyester mesh are the most common. Fiberglass mesh is known for letting fresh air into the home and is best suited for a back door or sunroom. ABS plastic is extremely durable and is most often found on pet doors. The benefits of polyester mesh include affordability and more natural light, but not all polyester mesh screens are made equal. Polyester mesh screens with a high thread count and reinforced edges are usually the most durable.

The magnetic seam on these polyester mesh screens is apparent so you won’t have any guests or children running into the screens and tearing them. If you need a bit of extra precaution, you can also attach decorative magnets to alert your guests that there is a screen in front of the door.

Most magnetic screen doors will also contain instructions to help you with installation, but a general rule of thumb is: If your door swings inward, your screen should be installed on the outside of the door frame and vice versa. This allows you to open the door efficiently while still adding an extra layer of protection between your home and the outdoor elements. These magnetic screens usually sit ¼ of an inch above the floor and fit doors measuring 38 by 42 inches or less.

Magnetic screens should also be cleaned regularly to get rid of any built-up dirt and debris. You can dust them with a duster and, for more thorough cleanings, with a wet rag and soap. Some doorway screens are even machine washable.

If you’re looking to upgrade your screen door from a summer essential to a year-round essential that keeps your home safe from all manner of bees, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, and ticks, a doorway screen with magnets is a must.