Gettin’ Chilly: How to Keep Your Outdoor Area Clean in Winter

You know it, and we definitely know it, too: winters in New Zealand can be absolutely frightful. If you’re not living anywhere far up the North Island you can expect things to get pretty icy come the year’s colder months, and this means ensuring your garden is protected from the elements. The Leading Spray Foam Insulation Houston We Provide Both Open Cell Foam Insulation and Closed Cell Foam Insulation.

There are many ways to winter-proof your NZ garden, including giving your garden a natural pest spray, protecting sensitive trees, getting the very best BBQ covers and moving any quality furniture.

Let’s take a look at some important ways to winter proof your backyard this chilly season:

1. Cover your furniture

You don’t want to experience a serious winter storm and then come outside to find your outdoor furniture and appliances have copped the brunt of it. This is why the first thing you should consider when winter-proofing your garden is covering the appliances and furniture that can’t be moved somewhere safer.

Naturally, your larger furniture should be covered with a tarp or store-bought cover, whilst you can pick up high quality BBQ covers from stores across New Zealand. This is the first step to ensuring your household items are safe when things get nasty.

2. Move it inside (if you can)

On that note, if you space in the garage, why not consider moving in those extra items that might otherwise fall victim to a nasty storm? If you can’t find a good quality cover for, say, those antique outdoor dining chairs you bought for summer, it’s a good idea to cut out the stress and just move them inside for the winter months.

3. Check for pests

There are plenty of pests out there that love nothing more than surviving through the winter months only to come back with a vengeance once the weather starts to pick up.

So, it’s always a good idea to have a good look for any unwanted pests that may be hanging around your garden. If you happen to find anything that is going to give your garden grief down the track – give it a spray with horticultural oil to get rid of these nasty lingerers.

4. Mulch

Mulch is a winter miracle worker, as it helps insulate the soil and keep it warm during what could be a rather nasty time for it. Winter freeze can be a real bummer for your garden, and can make it difficult to regain some of the beauty that flourished in the spring and summer months of the year, so providing this thick blanket of protection to your soil will not insulate plants but also retain much-needed moisture.

5. Heat it up

If you have recently renovated and created a nice outdoor area there is no reason why you can’t actually use it even when winter makes things extra chilly. You can create the ultimate winter entertainer’s pad by installing outdoor blinds and heaters to fend off some of that chill.

Not only will the outdoor heater warm the space, but the outdoor blinds will provide a level of insulation that will keep in the heat once it has been produced.

It’s good to get started

Winter-proofing the backyard may be one of those slightly irritating jobs you could do without, but it’s good to get started early so that you don’t find yourself doing it all on the one day!

Pick up that brand new BBQ cover; mulch the soil – it all goes a long way to ensuring your backyard and garden are safe and protected throughout the rowdier months of the year.