Guide for New Players in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a project that continues the idea of PUBG in the battle royale genre, but builds on the idea of a realistic military simulator.

This means that you will still enter the territory with a minimum of equipment and will have to find weapons, ammunition, equipment and a helmet, medicines, but also be able to shoot taking into account the ballistics of a bullet and understand that with realistic wound mechanics, you can’t play like in CS:GO succeed.

You also better learn how to immediately earn money from interacting with merchant factions and selling weapons and body armor from killed enemies and various secondary items by selling them to merchants.

You can follow the link – and buy currency in any amount you need to buy starting equipment and start the game comfortably with an advantage in firepower. The service guarantees that the transaction is disguised as a regular trade, so that the gaming administration does not even have a formal reason to impose gaming sanctions.

Game Basics

You have to choose your side in the confrontation between the two countries – the United States and Russia, expressed in private military campaigns.

The difference between the parties is more ideological and ethnic than significant.

Russians fight AKs and other Soviet-era weapons, wear native uniforms and speak their own language, even if the player has English in the general settings of the game.

The Americans use NATO weapons and American weapons and types of ammunition.

Before going into battle, it is advisable for you to try out the game mode against bots, where you will be taken to a similar game map, but the main opponents in the face of bandits and PMCs will be controlled by bots – so you can practice shooting and just get used to the mechanics of the behavior of each weapon before going into real raid.

This is necessary to remove the jitters and understand each type of weapon on the project. Death will result in the loss of accumulated resources and weapons, so hide, insure, or use a wild character to get resources and weapons.

Wild is a neutral character that can move around the territory almost unhindered without encountering aggression from the locals. It can be attacked by another player when using a similar wild character.

You simply rent a wild character for a certain time – you must have time to enter the territory, get the necessary goods, or military items and have time to take them out of the object before the end of time in order to be able to transfer the booty to the main character to strengthen it.

NPC fractions

It will be useful for you to know that you can develop relationships with NPC factions – for example, buyers.

It is they who are responsible for wild characters and developing a level of trust with buyers will increase the lease term of wild characters, reduce the cost of the service, improve the quality of starting equipment and allow the player to attract local bandits to help him in battle.

Reputation can be increased by completing quests, killing feral rule breakers, or killing PMCs while in feral status.

If you behave unworthily, you will lose your rating with the faction. This will lead to a deterioration in the weapons of the wild, a significant decrease in the rental time and cost of the service, you will receive unfavorable prices for trade and all neutral slaughterhouses will be aggressive towards you.


In Tarkov, not only accuracy plays an important role, but also the ability to properly fight.

You need to shoot lying down, or from a knee position, but not standing up. First you need to reduce your growth target and only then fight.

Shoot with automatic fire if you want to suppress the target in close combat or indoors. Keep in mind that this style consumes a lot of ammo and it’s best to keep your secondary weapon loaded, so you can switch to it when you run out of ammo – it’s much faster than reloading.

Use bursts of fire, or three rounds, to deal heavy damage to the enemy at medium range. This type of fire significantly increases damage due to the amount and relative stability of the bullet’s flight. Even one hit out of three will increase your chances of winning the battle.

Single fire will help you accurately eliminate targets in ranged combat. You are more difficult to detect due to the reduction in the density of fire in favor of accuracy.

Use smoke to get out of the battlefield and try to keep binoculars handy, or ideally a sniper rifle for scouting the area and hitting targets from a long distance.


Use peek around the corner to look for potentially dangerous areas.

Move crouching, do not straighten up to your full height.

Try to move from cover to cover for your own safety.

Lean back with grenades if you need to use a first aid kit or reload – remember, in rooms and areas with many obstacles, throw a grenade from the bottom to avoid ricochet and return it back to you

Constantly change the place of firing. It is advisable to do this after every 3–5 shots. You can use rolls and dashes – your main task is to be unpredictable for the enemy.

The main thing – do not use two identical positions to change between them. The enemy can guess and inflict significant damage by shooting at the potential next point of advance movement.