Harnessing the Power of the Sun: The Solar Stove Revolution

Today, the atmosphere in the early morning of the new day is refreshing and cool. Always shortened Even though it wasn’t even 7 o’clock in the morning. But the sunlight quickly drove away the darkness and coolness. 

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The heat and stuffiness took its place. The intense sunlight scorched the liquid that had penetrated for more than 9 hours continuously, until many people did not even want to stretch their limbs out of the air-conditioned room. If the sky hadn’t gone dark before

Burning in every way caused by our own hands, industry, engines, or even burning the pile of leaves behind the house. All of them make the world warmer. due to the effects of various combustions which is driving the world’s economy to cling to a greenhouse Block the heat for our world. Instead of heat evaporating from the earth according to natural cycles Instead, that heat is reflected down to the earth due to the properties of glass that collect in the atmosphere.

When the many atmospheres created by nature To be a defence island for the world to be destroyed every day The hot sun shines and burns without much obstacle. It turns out that the sunlight that used to be very useful to humans. turned out to be something that humans like us Fear arises, therefore, we desperately need to find a way to live together with the sun. Of course, being stuck in an air-conditioned room.

heat energy from the sun What is there in abundance? Unlike fossils, fossils that we use to fill the car to run to work every day and that heat energy It has been wasted for as long as the history of the human race. It is the starting point of mimicking the greenhouse effect or Green house that is causing problems for our world. as if turning a crisis into an opportunity To take advantage of the remaining energy from the sun itself.

A solar stove Or some people known as “Solar Oven or Solar Cooking” is an imitation of the greenhouse effect with a simple technique. Uncomplicated and uncomplicated the stove being mentioned here using the principle of combining bright sunlight with the principle of light refraction to convert solar energy into heat energy By transmitting heat into a metal container that has good heat conduction properties such as

Copper, brass, stainless steel or aluminium, etc. These metal containers receive heat energy directly from the reflection of the solar collector. As a result, the food contained in that container The temperature rises in a short period of time, especially in liquids. and cooked enough to be eaten safely

Many people probably have received some foreign news. Many countries in Europe have been struggling with catastrophic heat waves until the worst. A skyscraper building that is plastered with a mirror behind it. Reflecting the sunlight onto the opposite side of the road causing trouble and chaos It was quite incredible. that when they nailed the chicken fever onto the sidewalk And the eggs cooked in almost as fast as a frying pan on a gas stove. Or melted rubber soles on the sidewalk, all of which happened on the opposite side of that glass building. And this is the same principle as the stove we are talking about.

We simply install a reflector that absorbs the full amount of light. and to refract light in degrees reflected directly to the metal container in all directions The sunlight is concentrated and projected onto the metal container and finally heat energy is generated. It’s a simple principle that anyone can do, whether it’s boiled, grilled, fried, or various cooking methods. This solar stove helps us Without having to pay a single baht for gas or electricity.

Types of solar furnaces

For a solar stove or that solar furnace There will be many forms together. But all styles use the same principle, which is to receive and reflect light. To cause heat energy to be transferred to a metal container. until causing heat to accumulate in that container around the direction of the said container There is no way for heat to evaporate. because there are reflectors blocking the left, right and back sides, and the front part is the sunspot

and in addition to metal containers used will be spray coated or painted with matt black coating which is a colour that absorbs heat better than other colours already, thus resulting in higher heat accumulation from the sun until the food in the container is cooked for a period of time that may be a bit longer than a gas stove or electric pan But all of these a matter of time It depends on the material used to receive and reflect the light itself.

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