How Does Nicotine Vape Juice Work?

Are you a smoker who has been feeling the increasing pressure from society to give it up? Of course, even without that pressure, smoking is extremely bad for you. Today, I am going to explain how nicotine vape juice works, the composition of vape juice itself and why it is far less hazardous to your health than any legitimate tobacco product out there. But first, I think we need to actually examine the nature of smoking why it causes the various health hazards and symptoms it does.

When you burn something, this is actually a chemical reaction and chemical transformation, the flame and smoke being high-energy releases in the process. The byproducts of this transformation include a lot of ash, which is much of what smoke is comprised of, some oils that aren’t combustible, these being what deliver the flavor and the nicotine, and several carcinogenic compounds as rather toxic byproducts.

That said, nicotine vape juice is none of these things. This juice is comprised entirely of only 3 basic compounds, though someone at one of the stores that sells vape juice could elaborate on their detailed atomic structure if you are so curious. Today, I am just going to outline the basics here. It is composed of a glycerin compound, this glycerin compound being either propylene glycol (used in party foggers, carnival attractions as well as inhalers and nebulizers) or a vegetable oil derivative, a safe form of nicotine and artificial flavoring. The glycerin compound is completely inert, meaning that your body doesn’t interact with it whatsoever, simply passing it through the urine stream as excess water and indigestible, on processable oils. Long story short, the glycerin compound does nothing but pass through the body harmlessly. It is a bulk material in vape juice, simply a delivery material for the flavoring and the nicotine.

The nicotine itself is called salt nicotine, though there is nothing of actual salt about it, this is simply a name given to it due to its crystalline molecular structure and nothing else. Some of it is synthesized, but it is also extracted safely from tobacco and a few other plants that produce the compound as well. Salt nicotine like this is used in nicotine gums, patches and other quitting products, being completely safe. The truth of the matter is that nicotine itself isn’t actually that harmful aspect of cigarettes beyond its very addictive nature. It is habit-forming, and it can stunt the growth of minors, and isn’t good for people with cardiac or severe respiratory issues, but those people, I hope, aren’t smoking anyhow! Nicotine is only toxic when present in extremely high concentrations such as those produced for pesticides before the dawn of the modern world, and those concentrations are not natural, and are not present even in cigarettes.

The artificial flavoring is not a food safe flavoring in most cases, but is safe for human consumption. These have to pass the same food and drug regulations than any other flavoring in any other product does, and so are completely harmless as well.

Along with not producing any kind of secondhand smoke, as well as not undergoing any kind of combustion process, nicotine vape juice and even nicotine free vape juice are safe, harmless alternatives to tobacco products. If you are interested, Shosha is your one-stop shop for the best vape products available in Australia, New Zealand and even the rest of the world!