How to Build a Fan Base With Jamendo

Whether you are a musician or a DJ, there are a number of great ways to stream your music. One of the best places to do this is through Jamendo. They provide licensing services and also allow you to set up a fan base.

Streaming music


Founded in 2004 by three French entrepreneurs, Jamendo is an on-demand music service. It offers hundreds of thousands of tracks for streaming or download. It is one of the largest music catalogs available under Creative Commons licenses.


Jamendo is a great way to support independent artists. By licensing their music for commercial use, they can make money. If you enjoy a song, you can download it for free or purchase a license. You can also donate to support the musician.


Besides promoting independent musicians, Jamendo allows you to create your own playlists and comment on each piece of music. You can also save music from Jamendo to MP3 or other audio formats. You can also record and export the music to social media sites. Whether you want to play a favorite track at your next party or share it with friends, Jamendo is a convenient way to do it


With Jamendo, you can find thousands of playlists, charts, and radios. In addition, you can search for your favorite music and add it to your personal library. You can even customize your preferences and post automatic updates. You can even write reviews.


There are also many special sections, such as the chart section and the editorial spotlights. You can find new releases and other interesting music.

Licensing service


JAMENDO is a music licensing service that connects artists and brands. With the JAMENDO licensing service, customers can purchase licenses for different uses, ranging from radio and TV broadcast to online video and mobile applications.


During registration, users will need to provide certain information. The user’s details will be used to identify the user and provide services, such as obtaining a customer account. The user’s details will be used for the purpose of providing and maintaining the user’s account, and to send important notices. These details may be used by JAMENDO, or by third parties on behalf of JAMENDO.


JAMENDO also collects non-personal data. This information is used for improving the functioning of the web site and to gather general information about users.


Users are advised to maintain a backup copy of their data. JAMENDO cannot guarantee that personal data will not be accessed or lost. If a User does not store a backup copy of their data, they are liable for any damages or losses resulting from the loss of their data.


JAMENDO may disclose Personal Data to countries outside the European Economic Area, unless adequate protection is provided for the Personal Data in question. If such a country does not provide such protection, JAMENDO will take appropriate contractual measures to ensure the security of Personal Data.

Creating a fan base


Creating a fan base for your music is one of the best ways to boost your career. Fans are an invaluable resource because they are more likely to buy tickets to your concerts, listen to your music, and even share your stuff on social media. However, building a fan base is not as simple as buying a ticket to a concert. It takes a bit of planning, research, and luck to put together a viable strategy. Here are some tips to get you on your way.


First, you need to know your audience. The best way to do this is to make sure you are interacting with your fans. You can accomplish this through a mailing list, a Facebook page, Twitter, or your own blog. These channels are especially useful for artists who are just starting out.


Secondly, you need to know what to do with the fan mails you receive. This means you need to create a strategy to collect your email addresses. For this you may want to use a service such as MailChimp. A mailing list is a good way to ensure you get your name out there without overdoing it.


Finally, you need to learn what the best marketing strategies are for your genre. You can’t expect to be a superstar if you have no one to promote you to. Keeping in mind your audience’s tastes and preferences, you can come up with a plan that’s both effective and efficient.