How to Improve SEO on Google

When used the right way, SEO can transform your search engine marketing and bring you massive results. Remember that when you properly optimize your website, you can direct valuable traffic and crucial leads for your business. In this article, we provide you with 5 ways on how you can improve SEO on Google and make your website rank higher.

1. Use the right keywords for SEO

Whether you are using Shopify or WordPress, you should draft high-quality content that contains the best keywords for whatever product you are offering online. Make sure that you exercise diligence and use the tools which are available to get the best keywords for your search engine optimization strategy. Remember that without the correct keywords, there will be nobody finding your content online, so exercise care and get the best keywords for your search engine marketing. Make sure that you consider using long-tail keywords in your content because this brings you customers that are very specific regarding what they want in your business.

2. Create catchy titles

A good title should contain your main keyword, and should also be very attractive. Use powerful terms which will act as clickbait and you will have more people clicking through to check what you offer. Again, remember that you have to use heading tags and structure your subheadings in a way that makes it engaging for the users. Remember that for SEO considerations, you should keep your title to not more than 60 characters.

3. Use short URLs

URLs are part of everyday SEO strategy, and your Google indexes your website, one of the things which it will be looking at is your URL. The aim of this is to check for the existence of important URLs.If you need help in creating the best URLs for your website, you can hire a top WordPress SEO expert and you will enjoy the technical assistance that you will need. Many businesses make serious mistakes of not optimizing their URLs, and this may have serious negative effects on ranking and SEO in general.

4. Include keywords in your Meta descriptions

Keywords are not just good for the titles and the header tags, but also in the Meta descriptions. It will be a massive mistake if you can have a Meta description on your site that doesn’t have your SEO keywords. If you create highly informative descriptions which have your keywords, you can boost your search engine optimization for Google.

5. Create a user-friendly website

Google considers the experience that a user gets while using a website and it takes it as one of the ranking features. Make sure that your pages, loading speeds, quality of images, and graphics are looked at. Your visitors will return if you offer them a great user experience. Get the clicks is the best seo company in Tampa.


SEO is an incredibly powerful online marketing method and if properly used, your business can boost its web traffic and more valuable leads. With professional help from reputable SEO experts, you can grow your business and take it to new heights.