How To Select Pocket Friendly Smartphones?

It’s no secret that now buying a new smartphone can hit the wallet. And if the purchase is inevitable and there is not enough money? You have to make the right choice in the proposed characteristics and abandon the possibly unnecessary in order to save. A smartphone is an integral device and it will not be possible to change individual elements in it, such as a processor, memory or other components. Therefore, choosing a gadget with a limited budget will be a rather difficult choice. Let’s figure out in which cases you can refuse the imposed components, and what to look for in order not to regret your choice in the future. To change text bubble color s7, you can usually do so by accessing the settings within your messaging app or by using a third-party messaging app that offers customization options for text bubble colors.

Processor selection

Each mobile gadget is tied to the processor, as this is its heart. At the moment, two competitors Qualcomm and MediaTek stand out in the mobile electronics market offering their chips, but there are also such exotic ones as Samsung Exynos. It should be borne in mind that the cost of the installed processor will significantly affect the price of the device. And if you are not an advanced mobile gamer, then you should not lay out a large amount for a “stone”. High performance mobile processors of the flagship level have a high-power consumption and together with this they generate a huge amount of heat.

If you are not a supporter of mobile games, then you should consider models with installed mid-range processors. This will not only keep the charge level high, but will also reduce the heating temperature, since there is no need to perform volatile tasks. From the recommendations, it can be noted that when choosing a mobile processor, you can pay attention to MediaTek Helio G85 – G96 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 level. These processors are not subject to throttling, as they are quite cold and have already proven themselves to be reliable. When checking in multi-level benchmarks, they calmly gain several hundred thousand “parrots” and do not fall into a 100% load.


Like a mobile processor, RAM is involved in the performance of the device. Therefore, it should be taken into account and calculated by the number of programs used on a smartphone. Gadgets with a minimum amount of memory of 1-2 GB should no longer be considered, since when choosing them, you can get temporary freezes even when running programs that are undemanding to resources.

The RAM of the device cannot be increased, as can be done with permanent memory. Therefore, it is better to make a choice on devices with a minimum size of 4 or 6 GB. This will allow you not to overpay for an unnecessary amount, without visible losses in performance. And given that a modern smartphone is designed for 2-3 years of operation and will require replacement due to battery degradation, then the overpayment for the amount of RAM is not in demand.

From 8 GB or more on board is chosen by users who use a smartphone to play games and run resource-dependent programs.


A smartphone is a universal gadget and I want to get a device that allows you to get good photos that do not differ from the entry-level DSLR. Now it is no longer possible to surprise the user with matrices installed in a smartphone of 64 megapixels or more. But chasing megapixels is not worth it, because in some cases it may not be required. And high-quality photos in the daytime can be obtained on matrices of 48 megapixels.

In fact, the number of megapixels is not so important and they do not greatly affect the result obtained during the acquisition of a high-quality image. With a high-quality matrix, you can get much better results with excellent detail and with fewer megapixels. At the same time, the cost of a sensor with a smaller number of megapixels may be higher than that of an interpolated matrix of 64 or more megapixels.

A modern smartphone uses several cameras at once (wide, macro or portrait) with a separate matrix for each eye on the back. And if in flagship models you can buy HONOR 90 Lite as it is really worthy option for obtaining high-quality images. Optical zoom in budget options is practically absent and is replaced by digital. It reduces image quality without increasing the cost of the gadget.


Smartphones come with a lot of features, but you can save a lot of money by only focusing on the important ones like camera, ram, processor etc. So, make your choice wisely.