How to Wipeout Prison Boredom Most Interesting Trick

The media industry has a great influence in the present market as whatever we watch on TVs we try to implement such things in our life. We have seen that the most interesting trick to kill boredom in a prison is by making tattoos. Different prisoners are expressed in such a way that they are getting tattoos in films and dramas.

You might have wondered that nobody is allowed to have tattoo guns and needles in the prison then how this all is working. The answer is that most of the prisoners make their prison tattoo machines to make tattoos. If you too want to know about the prison tattoo machine then all the information is provided here.

Prison Tattoo gun

A prison tattoo gun is a tattoo machine that consists of ink, some needles, an amazing design, and most important a power source. The machine is mostly self-created by the prisoners as you might have witnessed some creative advancement in it.

Most of the prisoners use black and white ink which is made up of soot or in other words “Lampblack”. The prisoners generally make ink with some grease or oil present in the prison along with the collaboration of some toilet paper and flame.

Some of the prisoners manage to get the original ink for tattoos that are smuggled but most of them use soot and sewing needles. Sewing needles need to be sharpened by using the electrolysis in the prison so that they can be used in the prison gun.

How to make a prison tattoo gun?

A person may think about how specific things are provided to the prisoner in the prison. Sometimes a prisoner gets a chance to get such things to make a prison tattoo gun but mostly they make amendments and design their machines.

  • Soot which is self-made ink is used as a tattoo ink in the prison. An ink is made by using some soot with water and a liquid binder. Soot is created by using oil that is available in the kitchen and toilet paper to make fire. Fire can be started by rubbing the metals that are available in the prison cell. 
  • Sewing needles are needed to be sharpened to make them tattoo needles of a certain length, straightened, and refined design. A perfect needle for tattoos must be sharp so that minimal damage would be done to the skin as a thick needle would be traumatizing.
  • A motor is needed to supply the power to the needle at a high speed; it may work up and down. A barrel works to hold the needle at the right central part and a mount is needed to keep the barrel right below the motor.


Prison is considered a place where a person is prohibited to use a lot of things. In such situations, the most pathetic thing for a prisoner is to kill the boredom. The most amazing trick is to get tattoos. A person can easily make a tattoo gun to amuse himself as well as others by making tattoos.