Important Features of a Vacuum Cleaner to Look Out  for

A vacuum cleaner also called a hoover or vacuum is a device that operates by suction to remove dust particles and dirt from air duct cleaning, seats, and other surfaces. This article will help users understand the features of this hoover and how it can be beneficial.

A vacuum is a useful device because it can remove dirt easily especially from dusty sofas, mattresses, and carpets. This will provide allergy relief. Allergies can be caused by inhaling dust particles and maybe body fragments and waste from dust mites. This device can also improve health psychology because a clean home will brighten the homeowner’s moods.

Brush Roll Switch

This feature is good for cleaning the carpet. Brush rolls can damage some rugs and a hard surface floor. The vacuum has a favorable option for turning it off because it will increase its usability. The switch is in form of a lever or button that can switch the brush rolls off or on. Most vacuum cleaners have this switch although some low-priced ones may not have it.

Crevice Tool

A crevice tool is a feature that’s tapered to a narrower end to enable the vacuum to reach small areas. The tool is very useful because it can vacuum within upholstered furniture, beneath some large types of furniture, in corners, and along some inner edges. It can also help to vacuum inside vehicles like seats and other inside parts.

Electric Hose

This feature is important, especially for a canister vacuum. The attachment for this vacuum can be powered by electricity or air. This vacuum cleaner for sale in Nairobi with an electric attachment should have an electric hose for it to operate. The combination of an electric hose and electric attachment will provide much power at suction and cleaning.

Retractable Cord

A retractable cord is a feature that helps users automatically allow the cord to retract inside the hoover. This is a favorable option for those who don’t like rolling the cord up. Most vacuum cleaners that have retractable cords can have slightly short cords than others without. Buyers should check the size of the cord before purchasing any vacuum.

Upholstery Tool

An upholstery tool is an excellent attachment for vacuuming curtains, drapes, mattresses, and sofas. This tool doesn’t have bristles. Instead, it has edges that are textured which is a design that allows airflow in the vacuum and also provides movement while vacuuming on the surfaces.

Cordless Vacuum

A cordless vacuum cleaner is small in size and it’s either a stick vacuum or handheld. Some cordless hoovers use base chargers or wall chargers where this vacuum can be stored for charging when not used. The charge for these vacuums doesn’t last too long because they are used for cleaning a quick mess or in small spaces. It is portable and easy to carry around.


Most people handle dusty sofas or mattresses by beating them or using wet clothes to clean them. But a vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice because of its efficiency and simplicity to remove dirt. The above features will help the user familiarize with the vacuum and have a good experience while using it.