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This Iran travel blog is a great resource for people who are planning to visit Iran for the first time. There are so many things to do in Iran, and the content on this blog is updated often. The authors are experienced, and well-educated consultants and tourism experts. While it is difficult to get a hold of local currency in Iran, you can find a cheap and safe way to buy and sell it. For example, you can purchase a nice meal for 400,000 Rials, a soft drink for 20,000 Rials, and a taxi for 300,000 Rials.

One of the best ways to travel in Iran is by bus. Iranians generally take buses. There are two types of buses: budget and VIP. The VIP buses are more luxurious and comfortable. You will be able to enjoy the AC and other amenities while you travel through Iran. The cheap buses, on the other hand, have poor air quality and smell. The only way to travel in Iran is to plan your trip in advance. It is best to plan your itinerary for your first few days and get a feel for the country.

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While traveling in Iran, you will have to follow general guidelines to make sure that you stay safe. While crossing the street, it is best to make eye contact with drivers and pray for them to slow down. Then, you can step off the street, maintaining eye contact and look like you know what you’re doing. Moreover, you can also post pictures of yourself to show the drivers that you’re aware of the rules of the road.

In the country, travelers should collect information about their destination before embarking on a trip. Having a general knowledge about a place will help you plan your itinerary and stay safe. Before traveling to Iran, you should read an Iran travel blog. There are many false and misleading myths about the country and travelers need accurate information. A good travel blog will show you the best destinations, mountains, and deserts in the country.

When planning a trip to Iran, you should take the time to read a travel blog about the country. There are many interesting topics to share, and the more you know about Iran, the better you will enjoy your trip. A travel blog is a great resource for all of this. There are no limits to what you can write about Iran! So, get out there and explore! This country awaits you. While there, you will see some of the most stunning sites in the world.

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There are two main types of buses in Iran. There are budget buses and VIP buses. The former is better and more comfortable. It has air conditioning, and doesn’t smell. It’s a good idea to stay on a bus that has AC. If you’re traveling by plane, make sure you don’t pay for the luxury option. In this country, the only options available are cheap and unreliable buses.

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