Is My Stress Too High?

Exam season is at its peak, and you are unprepared? Boss has given you a task, and you can’t meet the deadlines? These are the most common things that cause stress. However, in some situations, we are motivated to complete the task because of stress. So the question arise stress that bad? Well, to tell the truth, being aware of your stress level is the most important and intelligent thing a person can do. Know what are the signs and symptoms of being stressed out. Take a quick analysis of yourself every weekend to save you from the harmful symptoms.

Here is a list of common signs and symptoms that people face when stressed out. Read this article till the end to know in-depth about it. This will play a crucial part in making your mind and body healthy.

1. Body changes

Do you know that some people are stressed out and don’t even realize it? It’s because of a lack of awareness of this issue. In most cases, people are suffering from physical ailments. However, they automatically believe that it’s only due to chemical imbalance, body dysfunction or failure of the organ. They don’t know that stress is a great stimulator in this disorder.

Another important factor in helping you reduce your stress level is by taking the correct dosage of vitamin B12. Therefore, it’s very important for everyone to find out how much vitamin B12 per day they should be taking according to their sex and age. Even though vitamin B12 is a over the counter supplement, it is recommended that you consult your general physician to find the correct dosage for your particular requirement.

Some of the most common symptoms are as follows;

You might suffer from sudden cramps all over the body. Muscles are usually relaxed; however, when a person gets stressed, the body muscles tense up. These tensed up muscles can cause pain, cramps and stress. It usually affects the brain, so headaches are quite common in this condition. Stress can adversely affect your stomach, large intestine and small intestine. Your body becomes unable to absorb the nutrients properly. Thus, even if you eat healthy food, you vomit immediately. However, some people might face worse symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea and fever.

2. Mind & Emotions

Stress steals the opportunity to think rationally, logically and calmly. Inability to take proper decisions can lead to even more stress in life. Tobacco, alcohol and drugs look like the best option in this stressful condition. When in actuality, they make this whole situation even worse.

Here is a list of symptoms you might be facing if you become stressed.

  • Your mood is always gloomy. You can’t get rid of thinking about suicide. Ending life seems like the best option. It looks like you don’t have a choice other than that.
  • Your memory starts becoming worse. You are unable to recall the syllabus even when you studied everything wholeheartedly. Even when you memorize everything, you can’t recall it.
  • There is no hope in life. You don’t want to do anything practical, meaningful or meaningless. Nothing holds importance anymore.

Final Thoughts

Are you stressed out and want to change yourself? Then talk with your family, therapist or loved one. Notice the things that are worsening in your life. Your sleep schedule is messed up, you can’t eat anything, or maybe you are a drug addict. Seek help from a professional before it’s too late.