It is Feasible to Write an Essay in 30 Minutes or Less.

Preparation for a Paper

Ten minutes should be allotted for the essay’s planning.

Before you begin writing, you should spend no more than 10 minutes creating an outline. If you do this ahead of time, you will avoid having to go back and modify or restructure your essay once you begin writing it.

The essay question has to be researched thoroughly.

The essay will most likely begin with a question or prompt (such as a quotation with a question). It is critical that you properly read and grasp the question. The following is an example of a prompt you could receive: “Time records the names of notable individuals in a doomsday book.” For every new person, an old one must be erased. Only a few individuals remain as “illuminated characters that cannot be erased.”” What are the chances of a hero being extinct if this is the case? Write an essay in which you explain your viewpoint on the issue. Use specific examples to support your claim. You might use examples from your own life or knowledge from other fields, such as history or literature, to support your argument. If you need essay writer, please visit our website.

Your brainstorming process should be guided by your thesis statement.

Writing an essay requires the inclusion of a thesis statement outlining the key points of discussion. Providing a road plan to answer the question, “What is this paper about?” is a key component of the introduction. Say something about what you think about the topic.

Your relatives and friends may come to mind as role models while pondering the Longfellow quotation and its accompanying thought-provoking inquiry. Let us consider a historical figure who has received much too little credit for the work he or she has done. In this essay subject, both the forgotten hero and the remembered hero are required to be discussed. Choose one side to support or oppose in your thesis statement. Historical figures such as Susan B. Anthony, the suffragette, have faced a variety of challenges throughout their lives. For decades, Anita campaigned tirelessly for the right of women to vote, despite the government’s and her own group’s criticisms. It wasn’t until after her death that she was generally recognised as a pioneer, but now she is venerated as a hero. If at all possible, incorporate the quotation from the essay question into your thesis statement. Longfellow argues that names and heroes fade through time, yet Susan B. Anthony was scorned in her day for her beliefs but is today regarded as a hero of her time.