La Sirenita Mexican Restaurant in South Philly

La Sirenita Mexican Restaurant is a funky, colorful Mexican restaurant in the heart of South Philly. The menu features classic Mexican favorites, including tacos and burritos. You can also enjoy a variety of margaritas while watching the game on television. One of the newest restaurants to hit the area, this is a great spot to watch a sporting event and enjoy a delicious meal.

The name of this restaurant means mermaid in Spanish, and this is apparent in the food. Seafood is a specialty here, with dishes ranging from shrimp and fish how can you treat gyno from steroids stews to burgers. Despite the restaurant’s name, the service is friendly and attentive. Customers can expect to be served quickly and politely by bilingual staff. While the menu is written in English and Spanish, it is easy to understand the menu and order your favorite dish.

Tamal is an authentic taco. It comes with a double layer of tortilla that taste like ground hominy. A marinated chunk of meat is baked on a flat grill until it is almost greaseless. To top off the flavorful filling, the tacos are topped with limes and cilantro. Red chili and fiery sauces are added to the dish to make it more enjoyable.

Tostada de ceviche is an appetizer made with avocado, shrimp, and tomatoes. It is accompanied by a sweet and tart tomato sauce, hot sauce, and pungent onion. The combination of these ingredients makes this dish a very filling meal opener. A large bowl of tostada is another great option to start the meal. If you’re craving a drink, try the Coctel de Camaron.

Huarache is grilled white corn cake similar to a Johnny cake. It is similar to a burger. It comes with lettuce, shredded onion, and shredded chicken, beef, or other meat. It has a white corn cake with a smear of tomato sauce on the top. The filling is made with huarache, which is a grilled white corn cake.