Learn About 789 Horse Racing and the Most Popular Types of Games

When participating in betting at 789BET you can choose from many different game genres. Including horse racing 789BET with many different types of betting and attractive. In the article below, we will help you understand more about this game to help you gain more experience in the process of participating in betting at the house. This increases your chances of winning and winning high prizes.

1.Learn about horse racing What is 789BET?

In fact, participating in horse racing at the bookie is the same as when you play sports betting games. That is, you will predict the outcome of horse races in real life. Players can base on the odds offered by the bookie to choose the betting method that best suits them.

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This sport is very popular in many countries around the world. It is also increasingly attracting the interest of many betting enthusiasts. Nowadays, with the development of information technology, you can watch horse races anytime and anywhere every day.

2. What types of 789BET horse racing betting are there today?

When participating in horse racing betting, what makes many people wonder is what are the current betting types? In fact, at 789BET you can participate in many different types of horse racing betting. Some of the most popular types of bets are listed below.

2.1Participate in 1 horse bet

Like the name of this type of betting, players will bet on 1 horse. Now you need to predict a horse with a high probability of winning and finishing first in the 789BET horse race. In each bet there will be a minimum of 3 horses to start in the match.

2.2Bet on 2 horses

Similar to 1-horse betting, when betting on 2 horses, players need to bet on 2 horses in the race to finish first and second. Based on the results of that race will find out the winner. In this game, there will usually be from 5 to 7 horses participating in the race.

2.3 Any bet on 3 horses

With this bet you need to bet any 3 horses will finish in first, second and third place. If you guess correctly, you will be the winner. The minimum starting number of horses for this 789BET horse race is 4.

2.4 Bet on 4 horses

In this bet, the player also needs to predict the order of the finish of the first, second, third and fourth horses. If you correctly record the position of these 4 horses you will be the winner. The minimum number of starting horses in this race is 6.

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2.5Bet 6 horses in horse race 789BET

With this bet you will predict the finishing position of 6 horses in first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth places. If the prediction matches the result of the race you will win the prize. The minimum number of starting horses for this race is 8.

3.What odds are there in 789BET horse racing?

In today’s horse racing betting games, there are quite a few different odds. Depending on your needs and judgment, you can give the most suitable odds.

Decimal Odds: You will be double the amount when participating in this odds.

Fractional Odds: With this odds you will be calculated according to the formula of odds plus winnings.

Money line odds: Players need to follow the set of odds that the house offers. If you bet on the right side you will receive the bonus and win.

4.Things to know about 789BET horse racing betting rules

When participating in horse racing, players need to understand the rules of the game as well as choose the bets. You need to consider and choose the best bet for you. The bookie will publish information about the odds as well as the scores on the odds table to help players easily follow.


First of all, you need to clearly analyze the number of the 789BET horse race. Then choose the most suitable bet for you. Next, check the amount you want to bet and tick the number of racehorses. After the horse race results are available, you can compare them based on the original bet prediction to determine whether you will win or not.


Above is the information about 789BET horse racing betting for those who are wishing to participate in this game. Register to join 789BET today to experience attractive betting games and receive great rewards.