Make Your Access Smooth and Swift with These GIFOLA Devices

We live in a fast-moving world where we expect every movement of ours to be quick and easy. At such a pace, a delay in getting access to any place or waiting for a car parking slot is certainly annoying. There are times when even a delay by a minute may lead to a big loss, like in the cases of hospital emergencies. Keeping all these in view, Gifola. tech has developed new applications that will enable you to have a faster movement. You can plan and schedule your visits beforehand and save your precious time. To learn about Gifola applications, read till the end.

  • GIFOLA Access Management System

Access management system is restricting the movement of people to a place or premises. This is usually enforced by a person who monitors the access of people. However, with Gifola Access Control, everything can be controlled electronically. This system enables the movement of visitors using an electronic device and a mobile application. If you are using this device at your premises, it ensures to keep the place safe and secure 24/7. It allows the entry of a person at three steps: Permission request, Identification, and Authentication.

At the same time, it allows you to access and enter smoothly wherever it is installed such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals, industries, societies, and free/paid car parking spaces. You can plan and have hassle-free and faster access to the places that you have scheduled to visit.

  • Visitor Management System

No more Logbooks or sign-in sheets in the name of Visitor management. They are not just time-consuming but they do not even allow tracking of the visit if the sheet or recording of an entry is missed. Switch on to the latest Gifola Visitor management system (VMS). It enables the host or admin to control the movement of visitors at his premises. It can track the usage of his space that might be an office, lounge, mall, or a building. This tool that has been powered by modern-age technology also records the usage of his facilities by visitors along with other details. Everything is accurately documented and saved in the database that can be retrieved by the owner at any time. This VMS has an inbuilt security feature that alerts you in case of any unusual activities. It can be connected to various devices through NFCs and RFIDs. As you can control the movement of visitors at all times, even when you are miles away, it allows for Global Visitor Management. 

  • ePARK 

This is an automatic car parking system to resolve all your parking problems. The GIFOLA e-PARK devices can be installed at the entry and exit of various car parking spaces. It works by scanning a QR code with the Gifola app on the user’s mobile, along with the reading of the NFC tag of the device.

The app users can pre-book and reserve their parking slot. It is a paid public parking system that also allows you to find a parking place near you through the mobile application. So with this ePARK application, you can smoothly park your car at busy public places such as shopping malls, cinema halls, or restaurants and avoid long waiting times. This one app is useful for your home, office, or paid car parking that you have scheduled.

Think beyond the conventional methods. Make your every move faster and better with these Gifola devices. Log into and get hold of these applications now.