Netflix Vs. Max: Which is Better in 2023?

As the largest streaming platform in the world, Netflix is expanding its market by adding content in niche genres and including original productions from various countries. At the same time, it’s adding quality content for existing audiences to keep them subscribed.

Max has an entirely different strategy for gaining and maintaining subscribers. It’s primarily focused on adding high-quality, unmissable content for US audiences. Netflix and Max are quite similar in price, but Max is free for 12 months with 1500 Mbps Grande Internet, which costs $60 a month for 12 months. 

Here we take a detailed look at Netflix and Max to help you decide which subscription service is better. Let’s start with Max.

Max: Better for Seasoned TV and Movie Fans

Max is currently far behind Netflix in terms of subscriber count. But its focus on the quality rather than the quantity of content has many fans wondering if Max is now better than Netflix. Well, at the end of the day, which subscription service is better is a matter of personal preference. But if you like Max’s lineup more and don’t really watch Netflix’s popcorn movies, Max may give you more bang for the buck.

Here are some key features of Max that separate it from Netflix:

  • Max puts out more high-quality exclusive content that’s a must-watch for seasoned popular media fans.
  • Max has more than 3,400 HBO shows, Max originals, and content from various studios.
  • Max has fewer genres and categories than Netflix, but it has some exclusive content from studios like Warner Bros., Studio Ghibli, and Adult Swim.
  • Max has some original content, such as Raised by Wolves, Peacemaker, and The Flight Attendant, but it relies more on existing HBO shows and content from partnered studios.
  • Max has some international content but it is mostly focused on the US market.
  • Max has more classic and critically acclaimed movies and shows than Netflix, such as Titanic, Citizen Kane, Harry Potter movies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Sopranos.

Netflix: Best for General Audiences

Netflix no longer has a monopoly over video demand, but it retains the highest number of subscribers worldwide. The streaming service has played its card well in the face of competition from giants like Amazon, Disney, Apple, Paramount, Google, Comcast, and HBO. It has released high-budget movies and shows that everyone talks about while expanding its library to include numerous microgenres that their fans can’t find anywhere else. 

Netflix remains the best streaming platform for general audiences in 2023. Yet, with its globally popular originals, it’s a must-have for die-hard fans of popular media. Whether you want to subscribe Max is secondary, Netflix is the go-to streaming service for everyone. 

Here are some key features of Netflix that separate it from Max:

  • Netflix has content in more genres and categories than Max.
  • Netflix has a larger content library consisting of more than 6,200 TV shows and movies.
  • Netflix frequently adds new content to its library. Some recently added titles include They Cloned Tyrone, How to Become a Cult Leader, Fatal Seduction, Fatale, and Hidden Strike.
  • Netflix is known for its original shows and movies, such as Stranger Things, Squid Game, The Gray Man, and The Witcher. 
  • Netflix has a more diverse library of content—from critically acclaimed movies and shows to exciting reality TV—that appeals to a wide range of audiences.
  • Netflix has more international content, including original productions from countries such as India, Korea, Brazil, Japan, and more. 

Plans and Pricing

Both Netflix and Max currently have three plans in the US with similar features. Netflix has a cheaper ad-supported tier than Max, but the other two tiers are pretty similar. Here’s a head-to-head comparison of individual tiers of the two streaming services.

Ad Supported Plans

Standard with ads

Netflix Standard with ads is Netflix’s most affordable plan, costing only 6.99 a month. The new ad-supported tier gives you access to all the titles on Netflix excluding a few such as Arrested Development, House of Cards, Peaky Blinders, and The Good Place. You also get access to all the Netflix’s exclusive games. This plan allows you to watch on 2 supported devices at the same time in Full HD (1080p). Netflix Standard with ads does not support downloads.

Max with Ads

Max With Ads costs $9.99 a month, but it gives you access to all the content on Max. Max with Ads also supports Full HD streaming on 2 devices at the same time. Like Netflix Standard with ads, Max with Ads also doesn’t support downloads.

Note: Netflix Basic plan which costs $9 a month is no longer available to new customers.

Standard Plans

Netflix Standard

Netflix Standard costs $15.49 a month and includes access to all the movies, TV shows, and games on Netflix without ads. This plan supports 2 simultaneous streams in Full HD, as well as downloads on 2 devices. You can also add 1 extra member who doesn’t live with you to the account at $7.99 a month more. This is the only way to give someone outside your home access to your account after Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing in the US. 

Max Ad Free

Max Ad Free costs $15.99 and includes access to all the content on Max without ads. This plan supports simultaneous streams on 2 devices in Full HD. There’s no limit to the number of devices that you can download on, but you can maximally have 30 downloads to watch on the go in total with this plan. Grade Communications is currently offering this plan for free for 12 months with gig internet.

Ultimate Plans

Netflix Premium

Netflix Premium costs $19.99 a month and includes access to all the content and games on Netflix. 4 people can stream at once with the plan, and 6 devices can download movies and episodes at a time. This plan also supports Netflix spatial audio and Ultra HD streaming on select titles.

Max Ultimate Ad Free

Max Ultimate Ad Free also costs $19.99 and includes access to all the content on Max without ads. You can stream on 4 devices at once and have 100 downloads to watch on the go on any number of devices. This plan also includes Dolby Atmos and Ultra HD streaming on select titles.

Best Movies and Shows on Netflix Right Now 

The Lincoln Lawyer

A charismatic attorney navigates the blurry lines between justice and compromise.


Sharp wit and legal genius combine as a college dropout with eidetic memory lands a job at a big law firm.

Heart of Stone

In a realm of magic, a woman with an unbreakable heart sets out on a journey of self-discovery.

The Witcher

A monster-hunting sorcerer battles beasts and his inner demons in a world brim with perils at every turn.


Love blossoms amidst the challenges of adolescence, weaving a heartwarming and tender narrative.


A medical thriller about the addictive and gut-wrenching world of prescription drugs.

Black Mirror

Twisted tales of the worst possible outcomes of near-future technology serve as cautionary dark reflections of modern society.


A time-traveling nurse’s heart is torn between two centuries as she navigates love and intrigue in the rugged landscapes of Scotland.

Breaking Bad

After he’s diagnosed with lung cancer, a high-school chemistry teacher teams up with a former student to start a methamphetamine business.

Stranger Things

Supernatural mysteries entangle with the bonds of friendship as a group of kids in Hawkins, Indiana confronts otherworldly forces lurking in a parallel realm beneath the suburban town.

Peaky Blinders

In the aftermath of World War I, a cunning and stylish Birmingham gang rises to power, wielding razors and tactics to conquer the criminal underworld.

Best Movies and Shows on Max Right Now

Game of Thrones

A brutal power struggle unfolds in a fantasy realm, where noble families clash for the Iron Throne.


A dysfunctional billionaire family, fueled by betrayal and manipulation, battles for control over their media empire.

The Righteous Gemstones

Holy hijinks ensue as a wealthy and corrupt televangelist family navigates faith, greed, and scandal.

The Sopranos

In the shadowy underworld of organized crime, a conflicted mob boss seeks therapy while balancing family, violence, and betrayal.

The Last of Us

A hardened survivor and a young girl embark on a dangerous journey across post-apocalyptic lands swarming with fungal-infected undead.

Doctor Who

An enigmatic scientist faces aliens, historical figures, and moral dilemmas as he travels across time and space in his “TARDIS”.


Euphoria depicts the lives of troubled teenagers in a modern high school as they navigate love, drugs, and identity.

Avatar: The Way of Water

In the depths of Pandora’s breathtaking oceans awaits an epic journey to save the alien plant’s extraordinary ecosystem.

The Gist

With its huge library of diverse content as well as frequently released globally hit movies and shows, Netflix remains the best streaming service out there. Max primarily focuses on high-quality content that popular media fans can’t miss.