No More Mystery Calls: 10 Proven Methods to Identify Unknown Callers 

Unknown callers can be a nuisance and cause anxiety and worry, especially when repeatedly calling without a message. Before answering the phone, it seems reasonable to know who is calling, but sometimes the caller ID may not give that information. In such situations, it is essential to have other methods to identify unknown callers.

Fortunately, several proven methods can help you identify unknown callers. From online directories and reverse phone lookup services to blocking and reporting spam calls, there are multiple ways to ensure you never have to answer an unknown caller again.

In this article, we will explore ten proven methods that can help you identify unknown callers. Following these tips, you can safeguard yourself from telemarketers, scammers, and unwanted calls.

Top 10 Proven Methods to Identify Unknown Callers

  1. USPhoneLookup – The overall best platform for reverse phone lookup
  2. NumLooker – Reliable site to perform reverse phone lookup
  3. Intelius – The excellent user-friendly service 
  4. USPhoneSearch – Most comprehensive tool to find out unknown numbers
  5. Spokeo – The most efficient reverse phone number platform
  6. BeenVerified – The most up-to-date reverse number search tool
  7. TheNumberLookup – The most secure reverse phone lookup site for personal information
  8. Spytox – The most accurate reverse phone search engine
  9. CellRevealer – Effective reverse phone lookup service
  10. AnyWho – The fastest platform to find an unknown phone number

1. Usphonelookup – The Overall Best Platform for Reverse Phone Lookup

USPhoneLookup is an excellent platform for identifying suspicious calls by providing information about phone numbers registered in the US. Its key feature is the area code search, which enables users to get information about registered phone numbers in a particular area, including their owner’s name, location, and other details. You can visit the site to learn more.

USPhoneLookup also provides a report feature that allows users to report any information about a phone number. Additionally, it has information on phone scams and fraud to help users protect themselves from harm. USPhoneLookup is easy to use and offers valuable features like caller ID, address search, and background checks. It is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid spam calls, identify unknown numbers, or investigate suspicious callers.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Provides safe and anonymous searches
  • Offers fast and efficient service
  • Generates comprehensive and accurate reports
  • Includes the area code feature


  • Only available to US residents/callers.

2. Numlooker – A reliable Site to Perform Reverse Phone Lookup

No More Mystery Calls10 Proven Methods to Identify Unknown Callers 

NumLooker is a reliable and secure platform that allows users to gather information about any phone number at no cost. Its user-friendly design allows users to easily access information about the number’s owner in just a few moments. Its regularly updated database helps users to access contact information, social media details, location, and more, making it easy to identify potential cybercriminals or thieves. 

The platform eliminates the need to sift through physical records, gathering data from public and registered phone numbers to simplify searches. Additionally, NumLooker offers a range of features, including a phone directory, public record search, and people search.


  • Confidentiality ensured for users
  • User-oriented interface improves efficiency
  • Cost-effective with no payments required
  • Provides the latest data with a regularly updated database


  • Access to only some unlisted phone number details
  • Public records on display, which can be damaging if obtained by the wrong hands

3. Intelius – The Excellent User-Friendly Service

No More Mystery Calls 10 Proven Methods to Identify Unknown Callers

Intelius offers a reverse phone lookup service that enables individuals and businesses to identify unknown callers and safeguard themselves from fraud and scams. Their service grants access to billions of public records. These records provide in-depth details about the owner of any given phone number, including their name, residential address, and even criminal records. This service is helpful for those who receive unsolicited calls or suspicious messages, helping them take appropriate action to protect their personal information.

Intelius’ reverse phone lookup service lets people stay up-to-date and in control of their phone communications. This service can obtain owner details, owner history, additional contact details, location history, and social media profiles.  


  • Offers multiple subscription packages at different price points
  • Android and iOS apps are available
  • It contains a vast amount of public information
  • User-friendly website with excellent usability and navigation


  • Lack of transparency in pricing

4. Usphonesearch – The most Comprehensive Tool to Find Out Unknown Numbers

USPhoneSearch is a top competitor in the United States regarding free phone number lookup tools. It retrieves data from extensive databases, including official government archives and public sources, and processes about 9 million inquiries monthly. 

USPhoneSearch can verify the identity of a number owner, whether it’s a landline or a cell phone, and offers accurate information. Users give it positive reviews due to its accuracy and fantastic user experience. 

USPhoneSearch is a highly-regarded phone search tool that is free and widely used due to its comprehensive database and user-friendly website. Its focus on providing a seamless user experience distinguishes it from similar tools.


  • USPhoneSearch has a regularly updated database of phone numbers for accurate results.
  • The service is designed with a user-friendly interface to simplify phone number searches for all users.
  • It has comprehensive coverage of phone numbers across the entire United States.


  • Search time may vary depending on website traffic

5. Spokeo – The Most Efficient Reverse Phone Number Platform

Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup platform that helps make the world more transparent by providing users with intelligence services to search, connect and find out who is trying to approach them. It has many benefits, such as helping users find family, friends, and acquaintances or identifying unknown callers. 

Spokeo’s data research from multiple records helps build a report that briefly describes contact information, personal details, location, criminal history, if any, and other information related to all social media contacts. Business owners use it to identify new customers and prevent fraud. Spokeo serves 20 million people a month, organizes 12 billion records from thousands of data sources, and answers 500,000 searches a day. 


  • Reasonably priced packages offered
  • Includes over 12 billion records
  • Unlimited access to PDF files for each user
  • Easy navigation and usability make it an excellent website


  • Website only accessible in the United States
  • Limited access to all publicly available government search data compared to other options


Unknown callers can be annoying, and identifying them before answering the phone is crucial. This article provides ten established methods for identifying unknown callers, including using online directories, reverse phone lookup services, and reporting and blocking spam calls. 

Of all the methods discussed, USPhoneLookup is one of the most effective and reliable ways to identify unknown callers, offering accurate and updated information on phone numbers, such as the owner’s name and address. It’s a valuable tool for anyone who wants to stay safe from unknown callers, and it’s an easy-to-use website providing accurate information which is informative for people. Check them out now.