OpenCart to Shopify Transfer – Benefits & Migration Guide

Shopify is an increasingly popular ecommerce platform used by brands such as Budweiser, WaterAid, Sunday Somewhere and Gymshark. The platform features various options designed to help make your store unique.

This article aims to demonstrate how to easily migrate from OpenCart to Shopify without any complications, detailing both benefits and requirements for making such a transition.


If you need your Shopify store up and running quickly, if paying for full data transfer service is the way to go, as this option allows for the migration of key entities such as products, customers and orders quickly and seamlessly.

Manual migration can be complex and time-consuming for newcomers. This method involves manually copying information from one store to the target store – this may take days to complete and comes with associated risks like data omission, incompatible theme application forced restarts and other potential complications.

Cart2Cart can make the migration process much simpler. It will connect directly to both of your stores and migrate all necessary data automatically – including migrating source store categories into Shopify Automated Collections as well as creating 301 redirects so as not to lose any SEO juice during platforming process.


If you have decided to migrate from OpenCart to WIX, there are various migration tools and techniques available. An automated tool may transfer core data, while manually migrating files may require technical expertise.

An automated migration service can save both time and money by seamlessly migrating your database and products onto a new platform without downtime, while keeping all coding customizations and features intact.

Manual migrations can be more challenging. You must migrate your entities separately before configuring the website framework to seamlessly incorporate them. This process could take days to complete and isn’t recommended for beginners. Furthermore, professional services may be costly. You could save some money by migrating only those data sets you plan to retain, or assigning tasks directly to developers to migrate specific customizations rather than paying for an entire move.


Migration software is the best way to migrate your ecommerce data, both economically and efficiently. It’s much cheaper than professional services and faster than manually copying and pasting items one-by-one; an OpenCart to Shopify migration should take only several hours with a standard-sized store.

This tool can also help reduce downtime during the transfer, by keeping the source store available during transfer and migrating your existing URLs to your new site to preserve SEO juice. However, please be aware that additional costs will incur and increase overall migration costs.

Cart2Cart provides an effective and cost-efficient means to move from OpenCart to Shopify. Using its intuitive wizard interface, users can set up both sources and targets stores before selecting which entities need migrating and starting the migration process immediately.


To effectively migrate data from OpenCart to Shopify, it requires an efficient and user-friendly tool that takes all the hard work out of migrating store data between platforms. Cart2Cart’s automated solution makes this transition seamless by letting you select only core store data for migration – saving both time and effort as it prevents you from having to migrate each and every store element manually.

Additionally, this app can automatically create 301 redirects on your target store after migration so as to not lose SEO juice during transition time. Furthermore, this tool helps maintain order IDs in the new platform while eliminating HTML tags from product categories and names to ensure all data has been moved over without any hiccups or issues.

Transitioning from OpenCart to Shopify can be an exciting milestone in an e-merchant’s life. However, the actual transition can be somewhat intimidating and could result in data loss which would have serious repercussions for your business. In this article we’ll show how to complete a seamless OpenCart to Shopify transfer without leaving behind any product, customer or store data behind.