Optimal Option: 5 Reasons to Smoke a Glass Bong

There are many types of bong materials out there: acrylic, ceramic, silicone and – in Australia – Powerade bottles. But there is no better material for your apparatus than glass and for many good reasons.

This style comes with all the features and longevity you would expect from a good model, ensuring you have plenty of longevity with a model that will last you a lifetime if you’re good to it.

So, without any delay, here are five reasons you should pick up the legendary glass bong:

1. They are easy to clean

The clear, smooth material easily makes this style one of the easiest to clean. Like your dishes, cleaning these models can be simply done with a bit of detergent and hot water.

You can also use alcohol to clean the apparatus as this helps stop materials from collecting on the device. This also makes them a less-harsh, more toxin-free option for smoking.

You can also give them a bigger clean to make them look brand new by cleaning with a little warm water and acetone. This helps get rid of the unwanted gunk that has pooled up in the device over time.

2. They are highly reusable

This style is designed to last. Sure, it may cost a little bit upfront when buying it, but if you treat it properly, and don’t allow any clumsy stoners near it, then it can easily last you a lifetime Techlogicagte.

This makes it the ultimate way to smoke when it comes to optimising value, as you don’t have to keep buying rolling papers or Gatorade bottles to produce your smoking apparatus.

3. They filter the smoke with water

The biggest benefit to smoking with the legendary glass bong is the highly intuitive, highly efficient combustion process that always produced a good experience.

A process of water filtration occurs and ensures that the smoke is cooled as well as filtered from nasty toxins that can be bad for your mouth, throat and lungs. You will end up with a cooler, more pleasant smoke with a filtered experience, too.

4. It provides a bigger hit

Glass bongs are renowned for providing a massive hit compared to other smoking styles. This is because This is because with these pipes and bongs models, you can smoke a large amount of herb at one time as opposed to, say, taking small puffs of a joint.

This can be a little intense for bong newcomers, so be sure to start with a smaller amount of mix before moving your way up to larger hits.

5. They can be really stylish

Not only are glass bongs easy to smoke, clean and keep safe, but they can be really aesthetically-appealing, with plenty of design options available to suit your own personal preference Marketbusinessfacts.

I mean, come on – do you really want friends coming round only to see your two-week old Gatorader sitting on the coffee table? It may look fine when you’re 19 but not long after that – it’s time to invest in a stylish, high quality new model…

They are just the superior option

As you can see, there are many reasons to invest a little coin in one of these high quality vaping options. They will always provide a top quality experience whilst ensuring you can easily clean it and provide you with ultimate value for money.

If you have been mulling it over, mull no longer – this is the best way to smoke Businessworldfacts.