Philadelphia Vs. Pittsburgh: Which Pennsylvania City is Right for You?

In every corner of Pennsylvania, there’s plenty of people considering a move to either big city in the state. Plenty of us are looking for excitement and opportunity but don’t like the thought of being hours and hours away from their family and loved ones. While that’s a major consideration in choosing where to live, we all know that’s never the only factor in our decision. 

So besides keeping in mind the proximity of where we’re from, what else is there to consider? What’s most important will vary depending on the other factors of your life, but here’s a few key reasons why life might make more sense in the City Of Brotherly Love or The Steel City. 

The Cost

For those coming from the more rural parts of the state, the cost of living for both cities is going to be a little high compared to what you’ve been used to throughout your life. On the other hand, both cities are going to seem quite fair for those who are looking to city hop from another state. With those familiar with Boston or New York City prices, both cities here are going to seem more than doable. 

When comparing the cities head to head, Pittsburgh is going to edge out. Looking at equivalent accommodations, Philadelphia houses for sale are going to run just a little more expensive on average. To be fair, the cost difference for those set on Philadelphia won’t break the bank and aren’t different enough to be the sole reason for choosing one over the other. You could also always consider a roommate in Philadelphia to cut down on rent.

The Culture 

As mentioned, the housing isn’t all that different but the same can’t be said about the identities of each city. There’s so much strong cross-state rivalry to have fun with in either place. For those who aren’t familiar, it largely boils down to food and sports. Where do you stand on the heated debate of Sheetz vs Wawa? What’s more fun to you, cheering on the hockey team that’s alway doing well or really rooting for the perpetual underdogs? 

Foodies might be a little more at home in Philly. Who doesn’t love cheesesteaks, right? That’s not all they are known for though; there’s pretzels too. Kidding aside, the actual food scene is nothing but wonderful in the city. Of course, there’s plenty of good options in Pittsburgh but there’s a clear winner here in Philadelphia, unlike their sports teams. 

The Weather

This might not seem like a priority since they are both in the same state. It’s true, they are only a few hours apart from one another but those who have lived in both cities can attest to the differences in their climates. A large part of what makes it so different weather wise is Philadelphia’s proximity to the eastern seaboard. That’s going to keep the winters a little more on the mild side compared to Pittsburg where the winters are going to be noticeably harsher. 

With Philadelphia, it’s not all the milder of the two year round. While the winters aren’t going to be as bad, there’s going to be plenty more humidity once the warmer days start to roll around. It’s also, on average, going to have more warmer days throughout its summer. What’s better here is up to you; some love the heat and plenty of others don’t mind a harsher winter.