Powering Up: The Role of Electricians in Kuwait’s Construction Industry

When we see the construction of houses or buildings, there are many elements and equipment involved. Such as a power drill, wood carving equipment, and wood carving machines. These types of equipment make life and construction easier. The construction industry depends on this new electrical equipment that has brought a revolution to the construction industry. Not only does it make the task easier and take less time, but it also makes it more durable and reliable.

Similarly, in various parts of the world, the expertise of electrical professionals is paramount in shaping the infrastructure and ensuring the sustainability of buildings and other projects. Notably, electrical contractors in Houston play a pivotal role in facilitating safe and effective electrical solutions for a multitude of structures. Melton Electric, a prominent player in the industry, has been diligently serving businesses and residents alike, ensuring that each project, whether big or small, is executed with utmost precision and adherence to all safety protocols. Their commitment towards providing robust and reliable electrical services is a testament to the critical role such professionals play in the smooth functionality and sustained development of the regions they serve.

Electricity is also supposed to support many different industries, and most of all, it supports technology. If the idea of electricity and the process of its creation had not taken place, there would have been no technology, and life would have remained unchanged.

Layboard’s team highlights that the construction sector is the backbone of the Kuwait economy, and the industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The construction industry plays an important role in the country’s economic growth and development. That’s why the electrician’s job is one of the most popular jobs in the Kuwait for foreigners https://layboard.in/vacancies/jobs-in-kuwait.

The Kuwait construction market is divided into sectors commercial construction, residential construction, industrial construction, infrastructure (transport) construction, and energy and utility construction.

The national government is also focusing on smart cities and plans to digitize up to 1,000 public services and install 2,000 Wi-Fi access points. Moreover, the country’s liberal trade policy is attracting foreign investors and stimulating the Kuwait construction market.

The construction industry, as one of the key sectors of Kuwait’s economy, is certainly undergoing significant changes in light of these trends. The Kuwait is legally implementing energy-efficient construction standards and equipment requirements for buildings – for example, in 2016 the  Kuwait municipality introduced the Al Safat rating and assessment system. Developers whose projects do not comply with the outlined requirements regarding the environmental performance of buildings are no longer able to obtain a building permit.

Infrastructure projects are a key part of the country’s economic growth as the  Kuwait and the Gulf region have enormous infrastructure needs. Thus, it seeks to build efficient transport and logistics networks and a reliable supply of clean energy.

A striking example of sustainable construction embodied in the hotel real estate project can be considered a complex of hotel-type apartments at First Central, located in the dynamic business district of Barsha Heights. In 2016, the complex received the Green Key certificate, confirming the object’s compliance with the principles of environmental sustainability. This rating system is supported by the World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Environment Program.

The complex has been recognized by the international community due to:

  • Efficient use of water and leakage prevention system;
  • Efficient use of electricity through the use of LED lights, installation of motion sensors in the corridors, and automatic switching of appliances to energy-saving mode;
  • Creation of a favorable environment inside the building itself by reducing the number and size of smoking areas;
  • Use of organic means of care for the green areas near the complex.

It is worth noting that following the principles of sustainability in the construction and management of hotel properties not only has a positive effect on the environment but also increases the hotels’ value to the guests and positively affects the income of the property owners.

For example, energy-efficient management of the Metro Central hotel-type apartment complex has reduced annual energy bills by more than 10%. This was achieved by installing water-saving taps and shower heads in the rooms, switching to LED lighting, controlling the hoods in the restaurants of the complex, installing automatic climate control systems, etc.

In other words, the use of environmentally friendly construction technologies in  Kuwait is of great interest to investors aiming to acquire profitable assets that operate with minimal costs and are in high demand among guests who care about the preservation of the environment. This creates a constant need for electricians in the labor market.

The main aspects of labor law

In the Kuwait labor market, 90% of workers are immigrants. Therefore, the government is constantly developing legislative acts for their protection and comfortable work.

The care of obtaining a work visa rests entirely on the employer. A foreigner cannot work in another company, only in the one that initially accepted him. Also, the employer is obliged to conclude an employment contract detailing the conditions.

Employment on a visitor’s or tourist visa is prohibited. In such a case, the person is deported from the country.

The working week according to the law is 48 hours. Overtime is paid extra. Most companies pay for room and board, airfare, and medical insurance.

Pros and cons of working in the Kuwait

There are many advantages to going to work in the Kuwait:

  • High wages, which thanks to the unique tax system remain in the hands of the foreigner in full;
  • The opportunity to get official status as a resident of the state;
  • Excellent social package. Employers are interested in permanent employees and offer a wide list of incentives, as well as career development;
  • Good recommendations at the end of the employment contract. With them, it is guaranteed to get a vacancy in many international companies;
  • The Wage Protection System program guarantees the receipt of money if the employer turns out to be unscrupulous.

The disadvantages of working are a few:

  • Hot climate with high humidity. Not everyone can adapt to it;
  • Muslim traditions. All newcomers must respect them. It is worth getting acquainted with the basic rules before the trip.

In 2023, a large number of vacancies are expected. However, everyone can go abroad – not everyone will be able to find a job safely.