Protecting Acrylic Key Chains

Acrylic products get dirty and start losing their eye-catching shine slowly. Hence the most asked question about acrylic items is how to protect them and increase their lifetime. Key chains usually get thrown around a lot and gather all the dirt from surroundings and hands. Keeping them clean and maintained can be difficult so you need to protect the surface before you start using one every day. Here is how you can protect your custom acrylic keychains from damage.

Acrylic Spray Sealers

One of the most common ways to improve the quality and to protect your keychain from damage is using acrylic spray sealers. You can get them from any hardware or crafts shop. These sprays do not cost a fortune and work super efficiently. All you need to do is spray one of two coats of the product on your keychain. It seals everything perfectly and protects the surface from any sort of scratches. Because these sprays are accessible and affordable, it is the perfect way to protect your acrylic key chains. This product also does not require any sort of professional handling or knowledge of acrylic products beforehand. A simple spray is your solution!

Epoxy and UV Resin

Another way to seal and protect your key chains is using epoxy resin or UV resin. Epoxy coating is super strong and durable. You have to be careful handling these resins because contact with skin can damage it. It also requires some time to cure. UV resins cure under special UV light. So it requires more time and effort to use these two but the result is worth the wait. Epoxy resin and UV resin provide long-lasting durability and save your acrylic products from all sorts of damage. You can wipe off any dirt using a cloth and normal surface cleaner or even water. So if you have the resources and time to use epoxy resin instead of acrylic spray sealers, it is definitely a better choice to use the resins.

Clear Coats

Clear coat sprays and paints are also a cheap and easy alternative to acrylic spray sealers and resins. They are used just like normal paints and sprays. However, the durability is much less than other products. The paint might chip off after a few months and the scratches can transfer to the surface of the paint permanently, giving it an untidy look. But for temporary protection, it is the best option to use.