Rare Carat: Diamond Retailer

Rare Carat is America’s # 1 source of diamond’s comparison from various retailers. The company has earned a reputable place within the short of 5 years. Rare Carat enables you to make an informed and confident choice in selecting retailers for diamond purchases. The rare Carat uses AI learning and human expertise to compare lab diamonds, natural diamonds, and engagement rings available at various wholesalers. The brand also offers a safe and smart way to buy online diamonds assuring transparency and originality. Rare Carat also offers affordable buying as compared to traditional diamond retailers.

Natural Diamonds at the Rare Carat

There is a variety of natural diamonds for sale at the Rare Carat. The brand offers valuable insights into the process of identification of diamond, cleaning method of diamond and determining the worth of diamonds through 4Cs.

Identify a Real Diamond

There are various methods to check the authenticity of the natural diamond. The Rare Carat recommends using specialized lab equipment only available at gemologist office. Natural diamond has a specific adamantimne finish that can not be replication in any of the scientific lab process. Natural Diamonds available at the Rare Carat has a girdle for inscription. The customer can also check the authentic Natural Diamond at the Rare Carat through the laser inscription. Moreover the consumer can also take help of local graduate gemologist or appraiser for the detailed information about the diamond’s authority.

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring: A Simple Guide

Make an effective mixture of soap and warm water to clean you natural diamond Jewellery from the Rare Carat. The jewelery owner can also combine few drops of mild dish wash such as Blue Dawn with warm water to creat a cleaning solution. Dip the ring in this solution for certain duration. Then gently scrub it with a soft bristled tooth brush. Rinse it under warm water and dry it with paper towel or dish cloth. This process will make your diamond ring look new.

Determining the Worth of a Diamond

The monetary value of the diamond is determined by the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of the diamond. These 4Cs of the diamonds are the touchstone to evaluate a diamond. Cut is the diamonds craftsmanship and design and is judged in the quality of polish, symmetry and alignment of facets.  The “Rare Carat Ideal” cut filter aids in selecting well-cut diamonds, ensuring a dazzling appearance. 

Color is evaluated on D-Z Scale to check how close the diamond is to being colorless. Clarity is checked on the specific scale from flawless to 13. For clarity, aim for VS2 or higher for an eye-clean diamond, or explore the SI1-2 range for potential savings. Carat weight measures the diamond mass. If you encounter challenges when you are about to buy a ring at the Rare Carat, the chat feature connects you with knowledgeable Graduate Gemologists for assistance.

Lab-Grown Diamonds at the Rare Carat

Best lab grown diamonds at the Rare Carat are not mere imitation or simulants. They stand as authentic diamonds, possessing identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to mined diamonds. Their origin is the only distinguishing factor.

Art of Creating Lab-Grown Diamonds at The Rare Carat

The wholesalers at the Rare Carat list two methods of creating lab-grown diamonds. One is High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and the other one is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The HPHT process expertly mirrors the natural conditions required for diamond formation but accelerates the timeline significantly. CVD diamonds originate from an HPHT-grown diamond seed crystal. Carbon descends from a plasma cloud, depositing in layers onto the seed crystal to grow the diamond. 

Although both methods yield diamonds of the same quality, the industry sees a rising preference for the slightly more cost-effective CVD process. Rare Carat’s platform showcases wholesalers listing both HPHT and CVD diamonds.

Navigating the World of Engagement Rings with Rare Carat

Rare Carat has an array of options for its customers when it comes to the selection engagement rings.

Determining Your Budget for an Engagement Ring

The Rare carat retailers has a diverse range of options from the diamond rings catering to various budget constraints. The customer need not stick to the old days ideas of allocating one-third of his annual salary. The Rare Carat understands the significance of its customer’s rekatiinship in these times of inflation. The consumer can explore different choices by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner and connect with the live graduate gemologists for price and quality options.

The Ideal Carat Size for an Engagement Ring

The average size of the engagement ring mostly centres around 1 carat for a centre stone. The flexibility to choose any shape, size, and style allows the customer of the Rare Carat to make choices according to his preferences. Ensuring the correct ring size is crucial, and Rare Carat provides a convenient ring sizing guide that the customers can print. He can inquire about his partner’s size, consult with their family or friends, or even use a set of ring sizers.

Latest engagement ring styles can also be viewed by considering the popular trends at the Rare Carat. These styles include Viintage Charm, Hidden Accents, Oval shaped, Cushion cut and round diamonds. Rare Carat offers 14 or 18 karat white, rose, or yellow gold, and platinum settings to suit your preferences.


In conclusion, the Rare Carat serves as your guide for distinguishing between Natural anf Lab Diamonds. The Rare Carat retailers excel in quality as far as Diamonds and its jewelry is conerned. From budget considerations to style trends and metal choices, the Rare Carat provides a comprehensive overview to help you make informed decisions. Click the chat button to connect to a live graduate gemologist for assisstance.