Reloading Shot Shells : Simple Steps to Make Things Easier

Unless you’re a real moneybags, there’s only one way in which you can support clay target shooting and that’s to engage in reloading shot gun shells. Buying a new box every time you want to indulge your passion can really add up, so it’s not hard to see why people choose the reloading route.

There’s no mistaking the fact that ammunition costs have rocketed recently (along with everything else), so rolling your own makes financial sense. It’s something that does require the loader to have ‘the knack’, because if you don’t do things right, it can be tricky – even for the most seasoned reloader.

So, to help you along, we now give you a few easily-implemented tips that you can use to make the whole process far easier – and safer. So, let’s see what’s what.

Work Methodically & Get Organized

When reloading shot, it always pays to take things slowly. Why? Well, mainly because when you go too fast, there’s a much higher chance of you making a mistake. And when dealing with something like firearms – mistakes can translate into someone getting seriously hurt.

So, when you’re planning to get some reloading done, give yourself an afternoon. Lay everything out, recheck things and recheck them again. It’s also a good idea to keep your workstation clear, so when messes occur, clean them up straight away. 

Buy Some Good Quality Hulls

While you go through the reloading process with a view to saving cash, you shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to your hulls. If you’re looking for a good quality option, try something like Remington STS hulls, which feature durable cases and brass heads that will last.  

If you try reloading shot with less expensive hulls, you will probably find that they will last for just a short while. That said, it doesn’t take cheaper products long to lose their shape. 

Listen Intently As You’re Loading

When you keep an ear out for the sounds made by your reloading machine, it will tell you a lot about the integrity of the shell you’ve just reloaded. A good rule of thumb is to assume that if it doesn’t sound the way it should, you’ve likely got a problem. 

It could be that there’s material where it shouldn’t be or something simply isn’t sitting right – either way, you likely need to do it again! Better to find out in the workshop than later on though. 

Reloading Shot Saves You Money – When You Do It Right

There’s something of an art to reloading shells and when done right, it can save you a lot of money over time. However, it does take a keen eye and real attention to detail, because mistakes can lead to a damaged gun or someone getting injured or worse.

So, make sure you take things nice and slowly, use quality products and it never hurts to recheck things if you have any suspicion that a shell you’ve completed needs re-doing. Follow these simple rules and you create the conditions for good craftsmanship and a safe clay target shooting experience.