Signs of Diminishing Supplier Quality

When it comes to buying supplies from suppliers, there are a variety of signs that you should be aware of. Some are easily overlooked, but others may indicate that the supplier is about to go out of business or produce products with diminishing quality. This blog post looks at different warning signs of diminishing supplier quality.

Sign #1: There is a high rate of complaints

Not all complaints are wrong. But, when there are many complaints, the product is likely of poor quality. A product has low quality if it lacks consistency or if it consistently has defects. If you’re using a supplier with a high rate of complaints, then it’s likely that their products won’t be consistent, and your costs will increase as well. In addition, their customer service likely won’t be up to par. It will be hard to get them on the phone, and when you reach someone, they might take a while to answer, or they will not have the answers you need.

Sign #2: Delay response to inquiries

If you’re in communication with your supplier and ask them questions, they should be able to respond relatively quickly. If they take 2 or 3 days or even longer to get back to you, this could be a sign of poor customer service. Communication between suppliers and business is key to the success of a business. It’s essential to have a smooth and easy process for getting your questions answered so you can keep doing business with your supplier. Harrington Group International offers a complete supply chain management software that enables you to communicate with your suppliers.

Sign#3: delay in shipments

Late shipments can lead to delays in production and negatively impact productivity. If you notice that your supplier is taking longer to get products shipped out than they should be, this can also be a sign of poor quality. Most likely, the delay is due to the failing manufacturing process. A good supplier should be able to produce a product in the time frame they advertise. If they can’t meet the time frame, they may not be very organized, and you’ll likely face consistency and quality control problems. Get the best supplier system from HGI and save your business the nightmare of not satisfying your customers because a supplier did not ship your order in time.

Sign #4: Losing regular customers

If a supplier is rapidly losing the business of its regular customers, that can indicate that their quality products are suffering. They will lose their regular customers if they can’t deliver on time or have quality issues. This means they’ll have a more challenging time finding customers who will also buy their products. It may also be a sign that the quality of their products is suffering or that they are not fulfilling customer orders correctly, which could indicate poor customer service and salespeople.


You can use this information to make better business decisions when purchasing supplies for your business. Ordering from a supplier that does not have the highest level of customer service may not be a wise investment for your business. They may have quality issues, which can lead to poor performance for your company. For more information, visit to get suppliers’ best quality management system.