The Best Exotic Vacation Destinations Within The United States

Everybody dreams of a relaxing exotic vacation. Warm beaches, beautiful scenery, and incredible wildlife make for a pretty enticing combination, no? Some good news for people that want an exotic getaway: you don’t even need to leave the country. The United States is a vast and varied country. You don’t always need a passport to reach a fantastic tropical paradise on your time off either. Here is a quick rundown of the best – and most exotic – getaway spots for people that don’t want to leave the good old US of A.

The United States has numerous exotic vacation destinations that cater to various types of travelers, offering unique experiences and lifelong memories. Along with these exceptional locations, it’s crucial to consider accommodations that suit the needs of families and groups, such as two-bedroom suite resorts found in Orlando. To learn more about this type of accommodation and discover some great options, read about this. This valuable resource will help you make an informed decision for your next group or family vacation without feeling overwhelmed by promotional content.


Known officially as the Aloha State, Hawaii is a pacific archipelago famed for its sun, wildlife, and interesting cultural traditions. Hawaii was independent until July 7th, 1898, when it was annexed by the United States. Since then, Hawaiian landscapes and culture have entranced the people of America. Hawaii is home to an interesting fusion of cultures. Polynesian settlers first reached the archipelago in ancient times. Their culture mixed with others when American and Portuguese traders arrived during the industrial revolution. Japanese culture has also influenced Hawaiian customs. Staying at one of the many Kona, Hawaii resorts, holidaymakers can expect to be subjected to the hospitality that the islands are famous for.

Hawaii is not just a tropical paradise: it is also a fascinating example of a volcanic landscape. The islands are recent additions to the landmass of the Earth, having crested the waves around 70 million years ago thanks to underwater volcanic eruptions. Volcanoes still roar in Hawaii and remain significant in Hawaiian-Polynesian cultural practices. The fire goddess Pele is said to reside in a giant lake of lava located on the Big Island.

Key West, Florida

Key West is an island connected to mainland Florida by a sea bridge. It is the southernmost point in the USA – only 90 miles of ocean separating it from the Caribbean island of Cuba. Being so far south, you can expect extremely warm weather. It is known for being surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. The island was home to the famously adventurous writer Earnest Hemmingway (when he wasn’t gallivanting around Spain during the Civil war or tearing up the bars of London and Paris). Key West is also just across the bridge from the Everglades National Park, which is an absolutely beautiful zone full of unique tropical wildlife. Be sure to rent a fan boat with a trained guide if you want to see the crocodiles and alligators that call the everglades home.


Louisiana is a state best known for humidity, food, and Cajun culture. A fascinating blend of Anglo-American, French, and African American cultures make up the unique atmosphere of this state. The unique food served in Louisiana should be enough to entice the more culinary-minded holidaymakers. Cajun food is an incredible mixture of West African, French, and Spanish-influenced dishes prepared with the wonderful vegetables and seafood common in the area. Expect gumbo, okra, crayfish, and some fine bourbon for afterward.