The Best Project Management Blogs to Follow in 2022


If you aspire to become a project management professional, then you need to have a lot of determination and hard work to get the certification. You have to find good resources to add on to your knowledge and expertise. One of the healthy practices amongst all this is to read a blog that helps you to learn and revise about the project management skills and techniques .In this article we are going to give you some ideas about the best project management blogs to follow in the year 2021.


This particular blog is referred to by many project management aspirants. This blog provides expertise and information from experienced project management experts and professional from all around the world it provides how to articles and information related to certification. This is an ideal blog to learn about project management.

2. Posted

This particular blog has been made and executed by Elizabeth Harrin. She is a renowned expert in project management. This blog empowers women and motivates them to learn and write about project management. It hones their skills to become confident project managers. In this blog, a good amount of experience and insights are shared to empower women in the field of PMP online training.

3. Productivity Land

If you don’t have much time and you are looking for only one blog to keep you updated about the project management skills and related stuffs then Productivity Land is the perfect blog for you. In this blog, Frank and Steve provide different kinds of applications and tools and right various reviews articles and many more related topics related to project management. This is definitely a valuable source for your knowledge.

4. Capterra Project Management Blog

This blog provides intensive information regarding project management tools. It also provides them in the forms of statistics and figures. It provides various reviews and insights along with articles reports and guides that help you to become a project manager in an easier way in sprintzeal

5. Yodiz Project Management Blog

The Yodiz Project Management blog is very useful for the project management professionals, who are interested about Agile. It gives you intensive information in the form of articles data statistics figures and reviews about the importance of Agile and helps you to hone your skills as a project manager. The knowledge that is imparted in this particular blog is abundant in nature.

6. is the best blog for you if you intend to know about the quick tips tricks and hacks to execute your project management skills. This blog guides you to solve difficult problems with easy solutions by giving you some hacks and tricks. This blog is run by Margaret Meloni.

7. Age of Product – Agile best practices

The Age of Product – Agile best practices, gives you an insight about the various tools practices insights about product development, in relation to the Agile. It also provides extensive knowledge about Scrum, Kanban operating Kanban method and Lean Startup, dual-track Agile. It also gives your ideas about the best practices to be sworn by.

8. nTask Project Management Blog

The nTask Project Management Blog gives you immense knowledge regarding the Agile Software development and Management. The nTask blog offers with varied and important information for agile teams, project managers, developers, and potential entrepreneurs on productivity, collaboration, management tools, and project management. Fred Wilson is attributed the blogger of the nTask PMP Blog.

9. The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager is the Blog by Peter Taylor. He has written two best-selling books , namely the ‘Productive Laziness’ – ‘The Lazy Winner’ and ‘The Lazy Project Manager’. This project managing blog not only provides you with various easy hacks and tricks to develop your expertise as a project manager, but at the same time it tells you to strike a balance between your professional and personal life while looking at some quick and easy methods.

10. PM Basics – Project Management Blog

The PM Basics – Project Management Blog, is the useful blog for all kinds of people including the beginners as well as the professionals. So far as the beginners are concerned, this blog helps them to know about the basics of PM. And so far as the professionals are concerned, it provides them with ample amount of knowledge regarding the advanced way in techniques of project management.


The above blogs are really very useful for your academics. It helps you sharpen your mind with various skills and expertise. So, it is recommended it that you in inculcate the habit of reading blocks on a regular basis.