The Easiest Way to Play Catte for All Gamers

How to play catte Understandably, many gamers are interested and searched for. The card game received the attention of members because of its different and unique gameplay. Please join us to discover more about the game in the article below.

Overview of information about the game Catte

Catte is also known as the 6-card card game, which is becoming one of the popular games on online platforms. Originating from India, Catte has undergone a process of development and spread to many countries, creating flexibility in naming such as: Iron numb, Cat te,…

A special feature of Catte is the use of a deck of 52 cards, like many other card games. This game can start with just 2 people, but to create a more exciting and powerful match, the number of participating members should be from 5 to 6 people. Catte is considered a symbol of Vietnamese Card game culture.

Basic terms gamers need to know

In playing Catte, understanding and using basic terms is very important. Some terms you need to know:

  • Cards (Dump): These are cards that are placed face down because you cannot block your opponent’s cards in the first 4 rounds.
  • Tung: These are the cards played in the last round of play.
  • Chung (Dan): This is when you stop your opponent in round 4 and attack before round 5.
  • Dead: When the player bets all 4 cards face down in round 4.
  • Victory: When you play a larger card and cause your opponent to die in the last round.

Basic Catte game rules

InHow to play Catte Basically, an important foundation for successfully participating in this game is understanding the rules and regulations. Here are some basic points about Catte’s law that you need to know:

The law falls

INUnderstanding the law of internal submission how to playCatte To be an important part of the gaming experience. There are two types of submission that you need to know: individual submission and whole table submission.

  • Individually defeated: When in a game, some players are defeated but at least two others are still alive. The last winning player will receive all the bets from the losing and defeated players. If the player bets down, his bet will be deducted by 2 times and he will die Ace.
  • The whole table collapses: Also known as the death of the entire table, it occurs when the entire table collapses and there is only one person left. That player will win and receive the bet amount of all defeated players multiplied by the number of points. The player who submits will have his bet deducted 2 times and die Ace.

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White eat rule

The law of eating white and clear How to play catte, giving gamers the opportunity to earn a lot of points and win quickly. During the implementation of the all-or-nothing rule, there are prescribed priorities to determine who will receive the reward:

  • Four of a kind: If the player has four of a kind, that is, four cards with the same number, the gamer will receive 2 times the total bet amount.
  • Six pieces of the same suit: In this case, the gamer will also receive 2 times the total bet amount.
  • Five cards are less than six: If the gamer has five cards less than six and does not have four of a kind or six of the same suit, they will also be awarded 2 times the total bet amount.

The most detailed way to play Catte for all Gamers

Playing Cat Te can be considered relatively simple, but to win effectively, players need to clearly understand the rules. While online gaming portals are constantly updating to provide the best experience for gamers, How to play Catte The basics remain the same:

Rules of playing cards

Before starting a game, the number of participants can range from 2 to 6 people. Each player will place a bet before starting the game, then each member will receive 6 cards from the dealer. Next, the player begins to arrange in ascending order from 2 to A.

The main rule of the game is when the first player bets a card. The next person must play a card of greater value and of the same suit as that card. If unable to play, the gamer must place one card face down to skip the turn. This rule also applies to the next gamer.

How to play Catte in the first 4 rounds

In the first 4 rounds, gamers need to “fight” to compete and win the right to play in the last 2 rounds. The first bet in the first game is the oldest person or table owner, then the player who wins the first game.

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How to play Catte in the last 2 rounds

In round 5, gamers with remaining cards from the previous turn will participate. The player who wins round 4 will be the first to show the cards. In this round, the player plays one card and hides another card.

The next person has two options: play a card that is higher and of the same suit or flip if they think it is not of the same suit and is larger than the previous card. On the final turn, round 6, the gamer returns their last card. The player’s bet with the highest card and the same suit as the dealer will win.


Above is all the detailed information about How to play Catte, from concepts to terminology and rules contained in the game. Hopefully through the article you have a clear understanding of the game and create impressive wins. Please follow and read many good and useful articles!