The Role of Fashion in Politics

It’s common for people to judge others through their dressing style. And it’s obvious! Let me explain. When we observe anything, our brain instantly considers its shape, size, and smell. So, if we observe a person, we’ll see their clothes & accessories, especially how they wear them. That’s all matter in politics. It’s not just limited to politicians but also followed by ordinary people to fulfill their demands.

In this article, I’ll share how fashion works in politics. Then, let’s get started.

Political Manifestation

Clothing helps to represent and articulate the power in different ways. A clothing article actually compels political language. Its role in highlighting the social and political transformation can’t be observed through written or verbal patterns. But how?

In the days of colonization, powers used clothing to dominate. Moreover, different colonized societies considered the politics of clothing to represent the culture of the colonized society and target the colonizers. Mahatma Gandhi decided to represent himself as the poor mass through “Dhoti.” 

Men’s leather jackets also have an exciting role here. Let’s see a funny example. Your country is facing a very critical situation. The neighboring country is trying to dominate. Your country’s leader sets a meeting with another country’s leader. And what your leader wears? A skull jacket! You can imagine how amazing that situation will be. Skull talks a lot! It’ll deliver much while your leader willn’t have to strive. 

Let me explain it so you can actually understand how fashion works in politics.

The skull is the expression of dominance. It scares enimines and competitors. When your competitor sees you in a skull jacket, they’ll unconsciously feel you’re powerful. That’ll disappoint their emerging powers and techniques.

If you want to observe this practice, you should buy one of the best skull leather jackets for men. You’ll feel everything and understand politics better.

Feminist Movements

Women have always tried to express their importance whenever they consider their society man-dominating. The same is the case in politics. They use fashion to showcase their political position. “Future is Female” is the best example here. Fashion played an amazing here, as you can observe in the story behind The Future Is Female graphic T-shirts.

Moreover, Feminist leaders and ladies such as Queen Marie Antoinette utilize fashion to tell people what they support and what they oppose. Time’s Up Movement is a recent example here. Hollywood producers, actresses, and directors supported it. They presented black dresses during the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony to deliver their message.

Culture & Friendship

Leaders of nations desire to enhance their relationships with powerful countries to support their nations eventually. It’s more suitable for powerful countries to support their needs. But it can also be applied to build a friendship with other countries to develop mutual understanding and support each other in difficult times. Here fashion helps a lot.

For example, if China wants to strengthen its relationship with the US. They can freely do it through their dressing, such as mens leather jackets. They will adopt US culture in their country through fashion items. That will send the signal to the US leaders how much China is closer to them. They can also take it as an effort by China to develop a relationship with them. Honestly, whether they take it positively or not depends on various situations.


The protest’s bold role in political participation leads to global citizenship literature. It ensures the continuation of representative democracy. Protest can be in the form of demonstrations, political strikes, and boycotts. Here fashion works a lot. 

For example, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the former creator of Valentino, shared the message of the importance of women having ambition and desiring success in one of her fashion shows. Models wore t-shirts with the symbols “The Future is Female” and “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.”

Beyoncé’s Lemonade album is another example that shows the power of fashion to deliver the message of protest. The award-winning cinematic images represented the message of history and protested through fashion. 


At the time of the elections, fashion considerably influences the final decision. Leaders can observe their dominance through voters’ dressing. If they observe a maximum number of voters wearing dresses that match the symbol of their party, it’s a sign that the leader has great power. On the other hand, if they observe most voters wearing dresses that match the symbol of another party, it’s a sign of danger for them. They can take it as a warning and strive more to ensure their success.

Final Words

So, that was all about the role of fashion in politics. I just shared a quick idea. Fashion has much more to do with politics. Let’s think about it and share your thoughts.