Top 9 Reasons to Live in the Gold Coast, Australia

Have you ever imagined living overseas, either temporarily or for an extended period? This is the dream of many people who seek new horizons. However, it is worth remembering that not all destinations offer easy immigration processes – not to mention a multitude of factors that can make adaptation difficult.

Living on the Gold Coast is an option that has attracted the attention of many international students in Australia and other foreigners. If you’ve never heard of this city, prepare to be enchanted by one of the most spectacular places on the east coast of Australia and understand why more and more people are looking to move there.

Interested? Want to know more about life on the Gold Coast? What are the main advantages of living there? Check out, below, some of the incredible reasons to pack your bags and start a new life there.

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Why live in the Gold Coast?

1. Cost of living

One of the advantages for those who intend to live in the Gold Coast is the fact that its cost of living is relatively low when considering the multitude of benefits that this Australian city provides to its inhabitants.

You will be in a first world country with a currency much closer to the real compared to the US dollar or the euro, for example.

2. Quality education

Gold Coast is also one of the most popular destinations for students in Australia. As throughout the country, its institutions are of the highest quality, with international recognition, with innovative teaching and receive young people from all over the world through exchange programs.

3. Quality of life

There is no way to compare the quality of life in Australia to that of Brazil. Public services such as health, education and security are very efficient and of high quality.

Other positive aspects of living on the Gold Coast are related to the smooth traffic, leisure options and the bustling cultural life that the city offers to its residents.

4. Climate similar to Brazil

The Gold Coast climate is one of the reasons that, for sure, makes a lot of difference when choosing a new country to live in. Practically all year round, the days are graced by intense sun and open skies. You know those huge coats you’d take if you chose to live in the United States or Europe? Forget it!

5. Beaches and nature

The name “Gold Coast” was not given to the city for nothing: there, you will be able to enjoy a total of 35 beaches spread over an extensive coastline. They are paradises of crystalline waters and with the most perfect waves.

Proof of this is that the city is one of the main destinations for Australian and foreign surfers and divers from all over the world.

6. Hospitality of the Australian people

Australians are known worldwide for the receptivity of their population, both in relation to tourists and immigrants who decide to live in the country.

Living on the Gold Coast will be no different. The population of the city seems to have a unique atmosphere, typical of the place: they are communicative and helpful, making it easy to make new friends and meet people.

7. Many leisure options

As if the beautiful beaches suitable for swimming and sports weren’t enough, the city offers a series of other leisure options to residents and visitors. There are bars, cinemas, theaters and restaurants scattered in all corners of their neighborhoods.

Those looking for nightlife will also find a plate full of nightclubs and pubs that liven up practically every night in the city.

8. Tourism

Stage for major surfing world championships, the city of Gold Coast is one of Australia’s main postcards. Therefore, tourism drives much of its annual economy. The region is dotted with luxury resorts, golf courses and theme parks that attract tourists from all over the world during peak season.

9. Employment opportunities for foreigners

Even with a severe economic crisis elsewhere, Australia has remained stable and its labor market remains as hot as ever.

The country is one of the countries that most need foreign labor and, therefore, the city of Gold Coast could be your next work station. However, to win a vacancy, it is necessary to fulfill some requirements, as we will see later.

It is possible to find English courses (general English or business English, for example), in addition to technical courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, among other courses.