Traditional or Modern? Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Have you been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were a child? Or have you not given it much thought until you got engaged?

Choosing the right dress is a big part of your wedding. Any online search will show you, however, that there are more than a couple of designs of dress (along with colors and types of fit), which can make choosing your dress an overwhelming experience.

Luckily, this guide can help. Here are five tips for choosing your dream wedding dress.


This sounds obvious, although, you would be surprised at how often it is overlooked by brides to be. Conduct research to find the dress you want: the shape, the color, the style, even the neckline!

As mentioned before, there are thousands to choose from, so this step can take quite a long time. Try to avoid just walking into a wedding dress store and trying on dresses. If you don’t know what you are looking for, this can be tedious. Not to mention a waste of time if you don’t find your dress!

It is also worth having a budget in mind. That way, you can safely place money into other parts of the wedding such as hiring a DJ, or the photography services offered at

Shop early

It has been the theme behind a lot of dramas (or comedies), but shopping for your wedding dress the day before your wedding is not a good idea! This creates stress and causes a chaotic shopping trip.

If you are fortunate enough to be having a dress made from scratch, you will need 4-8 months for it to be made. If you are ordering online, you will need to allow time for delivery, and for it to be sent back if there are issues. This will also allow you to choose accessories for your dress without you having to rush into designs and extras you may not like.

Match the theme

Themed weddings are becoming more common, as are color-matched accessories and centerpieces at wedding receptions.

This is worth factoring in when choosing your wedding dress. For instance, are you getting married in a town hall? With a reception in a nightclub? If so, you may want to avoid a more traditional-looking dress. Are you getting married in a castle? If you are, you can safely opt for a dress with a more Tudor or medieval look to it.

Buy the right underwear

Are you choosing a strapless wedding dress? In that case, you will need a bodice or corset for support, unless his support is already built into the dress. As obvious as it sounds, with a white wedding dress you should not wear black underwear. Aim for white, cream, or nude to ensure there are no signs of your undergarment in your wedding photos.

Wear heels (if needed)

If you are going to be wearing heels on the day, you will need to wear heels when shopping for your wedding dress. That way, you can get a better estimate of how the dress will hang.