Traditional or Rebellious: Find Out Which Kind of Bride You Are

You’ve watched a fair amount of your friends get married, enjoyed a few open bars, left your mark on a couple dance floors. Now it’s your turn; your day is coming up and after the excessive amount of weddings you’ve attended, you have an idea of exactly the kind of ceremony you want. So what kind of bride will you be? It’s all told through the dress. 

Will your romantic side win out and you’ll go fully decked out in lace and ribbon and ruffles? Will you opt for something sleek and form fitting to match your laid-back reception? Or are you a totally unconventional bride who’s going to wear your dress (or pantsuit) as a statement of your attitude about matrimony and its formalities?

Clearly, the big question is: what kind of bride are you? From traditional to rebellious and everything in between, here are a few of the wedding dresses we’re loving that make a loud and clear statement of exactly what kind of bride is wearing them down the aisle. 

The Cottage Core Bride

Bring on the ruffles! Your bridesmaids are probably wearing eclectically matched boho dresses in a pop-of-color palette and there’re fresh smelling greens in the centerpieces, the bouquets, your hair, the dinner plates—maybe even in the cocktails. You love the whimsical and you’ll definitely be drying and framing your bouquet after the big day. We should all be as romantic as you, but you’re a rare and beautiful breed.

The Gatsby Bride

Come on, you like to party, so you need a flowy, lightweight dress that will move with you. Just like Daisy Buchanan, you aren’t afraid to own your sheer magnetism (hello thigh high slit) but while all the eyes are on you, you’re probably daydreaming about Reformation’s spring collection. The open bar will be hopping all night but no boring drinks will be served there—and nothing newer than 1985.

The Vogue Bride

You know the power of a well fitted dress. You’re elegant and chill and your style follows the same pattern as your life: free from over the top statements. All eyes are going to be on you as you walk down the aisle, so you might as well own it in a super slinky silhouette. Your wedding ceremony  will be full of heartfelt touches that add a certain je ne sais quoi no one can quite place their finger on.

The Unconventional Bride

You have something special that can’t be taught: you understand the way classy comfort allows you to always be fully yourself without worrying about zippers, bodices, or skirts that might blow up in the wind. We all envy you, Unconventional Bride, because you’re on a higher wavelength we want to tap into. Drink of choice at your wedding? Straight bourbon. It’s all about the afterparty on your day—let’s just get through this ceremony so we can party into the night.

The 1920’s-Esque Glamor Bride

It’s got to be silk for you. You make full coverage modesty look effortlessly cool with the right neckline and draping that fits you like a glove. You’re always classy and not afraid of a few hundred teensy tiny buttons, because you’re in no rush; the clock runs on your time, not the other way around. We’re betting there’s a velvet chaise somewhere in your reception because your dress was practically made for elegantly lounging.

The Simply Chic Bride

You understand the delicate art of uncomplicatedness, you cosmopolitan queen. It’s all honeysuckle daiquiris and polaroid cameras for your golden day. Your wedding photos will be shot entirely on film and when you get the candids back you’ll look stunning in all of them—naturally. You will probably walk down the aisle to live music, but it’ll be no big deal because the musicians are all college friends who made it big in the city. Maybe you carry a single flower for a bouquet and tuck it behind your ear after the vows so you can dance into the evening unencumbered. You’re so cool, Simply Chic Bride. Keep it up.

The Romantic Bride

You like your fabrics as soft as your heart. You’re drawn to the tiny little things in life that make it pretty, like perfectly faded grandma pillowcases (you probably wear them as a blouse), soft and cuddly small animals, a touching handwritten wedding vow, and the sun glinting off champagne glasses, because the champagne is positively flowing at your celebration. You could kick off your shoes and dance if they weren’t too gorgeous not to wear.

The Rebellious Bride

Yeah, you know marriage happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to fit the mold. Especially not when it comes to your wedding dress—you have way too much style to wear a variation of what everyone else has worn. Your wedding is probably on some private beach somewhere in the height of summer and we’re guessing your day’s signature cocktail is something with ingredients no one can name but it tastes like heaven.

So what kind of bride are you? Better get shopping; the right dress will help you step into your ideal wedding vibe.