Travel Safe: Top Tips For Solo Travellers In Thailand

The thought of jetting off to the heart of South East Asia on your lonesome is a frightening prospect indeed – especially if you’ve never set foot in Thailand before. However, contrary to what your anxiety might be telling you right now, you will have the time of your life! Thailand really is one of the most incredible places on earth and even as a solo traveller, you will be largely very safe. That said, there are certain things you must remember before you take the plunge. So long as you follow these rules and keep your wits about you, you shouldn’t run into any problems. Read on and we’ll tell you what you need to know…

1. Stay in hostels

Not only are hostels significantly cheaper than hotels, but you’ll also bump into many like-minded travellers while you are there. Just because you made the journey by yourself, it doesn’t mean you need to travel the country alone. If you are lucky, you might find some wonderful friends that you can explore with!

2.  Always be friendly and respectful to the locals

This should go without saying, but you should treat the Thai people with the utmost respect – they will afford you the same courtesy. The only people who run into problems with the locals are those who go out of their way to be mean and disrespectful. It’s a very simple transaction of decency.

3. Stay on the beaten track

Particularly in places like Bangkok, you should stay on the beaten track and stick to the more touristy areas. That’s not to say that Thailand is inherently unsafe, however, as a solo traveller, you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

4. Research and download all of the relevant apps

Want easy taxis wherever you are? Download Grab. Need assistance and information when navigating the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok? Download the app.

There are so many different apps that can help you on your travels – particularly when learning the basics of the Thai language. To help your travels go even smoother, try downloading Route4Me – a mapping app that allows you to plan out your routes and optimize your travel with ease.

5. Learn the basics of the Thai language

It’s definitely worth picking up a few of the basics. Not only will it help you get by easier (despite the fact that most Thai’s have a fairly reasonable grasp of English), but because Thai people are very proud of their country, culture, and language, and they love it when foreigners make an effort.

6. Stay alert

Ultimately, as long as you stay alert and make a point of keeping your valuable belongings hidden, you really shouldn’t have any trouble travelling around Thailand on your own. Flashing expensive jewellery and camera equipment is ill advised if you are on your own. The same applies for carrying large amounts of cash on your person at all times.

7. Plan and pack what you need

Think carefully about what you will definitely need with you on your travels – and also what you don’t need. Let’s be honest, a portable generator will be overkill, however, a spare battery pack for your phone will likely come in handy on those long bus journeys.

What if you decide to stay long-term?

If you follow the above rules, you’ll have the time of your life in Thailand. So much so that—like so many others before you—you may never want to leave. If Thailand does have that big of an impact on you, you should research the various visa and career opportunities available and search for houses to buy from DDproperty.

In any case, stay safe, keep your wits about you, and enjoy yourself thoroughly!