Understanding the Dangers of Car Accidents

As a driver, it’s easy to just fall into the motions when it comes to driving, especially if you’ve had your license for years. This can often result in a cavalier attitude towards getting behind the wheel, with some drivers failing to keep their full attention on the road. Unfortunately, in the wrong situation this can quickly cause a car accident that comes with life-long repercussions. By learning and understanding the common dangers of car accidents, however, a driver can improve their own skills and awareness through apprehension on the road. 

How Common are Car Accidents?

Currently, it is estimated that there are around 13 car accidents every minute in the United States, which averages out to over six million estimate car accidents on a yearly basis. These car accidents can range in severity from being small fender-benders to being serious accidents that require hospital visits. While the majority of drivers will never experience a car crash in their driving career, all drivers should still take heed of the common dangers due to how common these crashes are. 

How Many Car Accidents Result in Injuries?

It can be easy to write-off the large number of car accidents that occur in a yearly basis by simply assuming the majority don’t actually result in injury. However, it is estimated that 43% of car accidents result in injuries on a yearly basis, which ends up being equal to around one to four car accident injuries every minute. 

Who is Most At-Risk in a Car Accident?

When considering the common dangers of getting behind the wheel, a person may wonder just how at-risk they actually are if they are involved in a crash. Generally speaking, a woman is more at-risk of injury and death as compared to a man due to the fact that they traditionally sit closer to the steering wheel as a result of a lower average height. However, this means anyone who prefers to sit closer to the dashboard when driving is at a higher risk of injury by extension. 

Key Tips for Avoiding a Wreck 

Understanding the common dangers of car accidents should cause any driver to take heed of their actions when on the road. To that end, utilize each of the following tips to avoid a wreck on the road and having to contact a car accident lawyer to discuss your case after the event: 

Leave Enough Following Distance

It is generally advised that a person leave at least three to four seconds of space between themselves and the other vehicle in front of them when driving on the road. This amount of time is proven to leave adequate reaction time in the event the person ahead of them makes a sudden movement on the road. Far too many drivers choose to tailgate others in front of them, which can result in an accident quickly. 

Scan the Road Ahead of Your Vehicle

Building off of the prior point, it’s important that a driver scans the road ahead of their own vehicle so that they can spot road hazards before they reach them. Whether it’s looking for traffic or something that is actually in the road, aim to look at least twelve seconds ahead of your car on the road to have the best chance at spotting something. 

Never Drive in Poor Weather Conditions

A major cause of car accidents in the United States is due to drivers attempting to drive in weather conditions that they have never seen before. This is dangerous as it often requires special skills and experience that the driver does not have behind the wheel. Therefore, only ever get behind the wheel if you are absolutely comfortable driving in the weather conditions that you are currently facing. 

Never Drive While Under the Influence 

Far too many drivers choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle when intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. This leads to impaired decision making and a general inability to control a vehicle, which is why nobody should ever get behind the wheel, even while buzzed. 

Protect yourself and others on the road

Always be a defensive driver, rather than offensive, when you are behind the wheel. You can only control your own actions and not those of others, so avoid any situation that may cause the risk for a car accident to increase. In the event an accident does occur, don’t hesitate to inspect yourself and others for injury, then contact the authorities if necessary. In case it is needed, contact a car accident lawyer who can assist you with building the details of your case.