What Are the Differences Between Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping

Before committing to shipping your car, it’s important to thoroughly research to be able to make informed decisions. You’ll need to compare car shipping services to find the most reputable, reliable company you can trust to handle your needs promptly and safely.

Insurance coverage is a vital part of having safe transport. It will need to be considered and planned for, as will your budget for the varied services, some of which are premium. Before booking the service, you’ll need to decide if you prefer door-to-door pick-up or terminal-to-terminal drop-off.

The primary decision the carrier will need you to make is between open and enclosed carrier transport. Most car shipping services offer both methods, but to pick the one most suited for you, understanding how they differ is essential. The differences are distinct and will help with the decision-making process.

Open-Air vs. Enclosed Transport Primary Differences

The primary distinction between open-air and enclosed transport methods is evident when looking at them and affects how cars are shipped; it’s in the bodies of the trailers.

The open-air trailer is open on all sides, leaving the vehicles exposed to the outside, while the enclosed trailer is closed on all sides with no exposure to the outdoors. Here’s a more detailed look at the differences between these two transport methods.

· The trailers

The most apparent difference between the open-air carrier and the enclosed transport is their trailer. Open trailers are most often two levels with a capacity for carrying roughly ten cars simultaneously. The trailer has no sides, solid floor, or roof.

The vehicles loaded on the carrier are exposed to the outside, including road debris, and dust can be a particular problem in dry zones.

With enclosed carriers, there’s a great deal more protection as the trailer has solid flooring, walls, a roof, and locks. There is no exposure to the outdoors or the elements. It can be considered good or challenging, but the trailer usually only accommodates one vehicle.

While this means there’s no concern about damage from another car, it can also be difficult to book an enclosed trailer. These are not as accessible as the open options. Go to https://liveson.org/enclosed-car-shipping-vs-open-which-is-right-for-you/

· Booking Trailers

As mentioned, it’s easier to book open-air trailers for auto transport compared to the enclosed method. That’s primarily true because a majority of the carriers prefer working with the open trailers instead of the enclosed method.

The reason is they can haul more cars with one trailer. Carriers are more readily available when they can haul a greater number of autos on a single load. That can mean customers have the chance to book a date and time they prefer with the open trailer.

The enclosed method requires more planning. The carriers have a limited number of these containers, resulting in booking problems if the trailers are all booked out on the road. That means the date and time you want to schedule might not be available.

·       The cost

What Are the Differences Between Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping1

When booking a car shipment, a primary consideration for most customers will be their budget. That will likely be a determining factor when looking at open and enclosed transport methods.

The enclosed trailer can range between “50 and 100 percent higher in price” than an open trailer, depending on the auto transport company and based on several variables.

  1. The carrier is limited in the number of cars they can transport simultaneously with the enclosed transport
  2. The enclosed trailer’s weight needs to be considered in addition to that of the auto
  3. As a rule, the carriers will offer premium services to go with the enclosed trailer shipment
  4. When using the enclosed trailer, carriers must have special equipment to coincide with loading the cars
  5. Open transport is much more fuel-efficient than the enclosed trailer

Aside from practicality, some carriers will charge more simply because the enclosed containers give customers added security. Customers are more willing to pay a premium price to prevent their cars from being exposed to outside threats. Click for guidance on open vs enclosed car shipping.

Final Thought

While you might believe that the enclosed method would be the favored choice due to the protection it offers, it’s, in fact, the least popular. The costs mentioned earlier are a deterrent for most people. But with that cost, you will also get “white-glove” services.

Unless people have a tremendously expensive or valuable car, many people don’t want to pay that price, though, to ship their vehicles. And many carriers will limit the number of enclosed trailers they buy, with some auto transport companies not offering the enclosed method.

When deciding between open and enclosed transport, you should personalize it to suit your specific needs and make your shipping experience what you want it to be based on your priorities.