What Is An E-Girl – How to Do E-girl Makeup?

We are currently seeing that TikTok is the new obsession of many people, especially young people. With this, many trends in styles, hair, makeup, etc.

Among these trends, the one of ‘e-girls’ has been highlighted, which appeared in 2012 on Tumblr and returned to the scene around the world. A good indicator of this success is the number of views of the hashtag #egirlmakeup – which has around 5.7 million hits!

In today’s post you will understand who the e-girls are, what their style is like, how to do this makeup and much more. If you want to know more about this universe, which brings a style linked to the electronic world, very popular among generation Z and millennials, currently fans of TikTok, read on!

What Is An E-girl?

The term “e-girl” means electronic girls (in Portuguese – electronic girls), a style that has been very successful on the internet among young people. The trend emerged on TikTok and spread to other social networks, especially Instagram.

An e-girl adopts a style that mixes inspirations from the emo and gothic universe, with colorful hair, lots of accessories and striking makeup, a look that was very popular in the 2000s. In general, what visually identifies the e-girl style are the clothes. used and makeup.

The style also has a lot of Asian influence, coming from K-Pop bands and anime aesthetics, very popular in Japan and South Korea – and currently worldwide.

The E-girl Makeup Style

Okay, but how is this e-girl makeup thing? Their make-up style does not usually follow the conventional patterns we see in everyday life. It is marked by creative and authentic traits. Not only their makeup but also aesthetic girl outfits is unique, different and appealing to eyes.

One of the striking features is the dark eyeliner with a thicker line – close to the upper and lower lashes. Another highlight of this style is the well-marked pink blush on the cheeks and nose.

In the eyes, in addition to the striking eyeliner, the colored shadows are also present. On the lips, it is very common the famous smoky lipstick, lip tint and lip gloss , to give the lips a bigger appearance than they really are.

It is also very common to draw freckles on the face, and to finish, apply a lot of highlighter in the high points of the face, especially on the tip of the nose.

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How To Do E-girl Makeup?

If you like and identify with this look, how about learning how to do an e-girl makeup? She has a very young and cool identity and it’s not hard to do. Check out the step-by-step below:


  • Apply a face primer all over the face, to leave the skin uniform and without visible pores – a striking feature of this makeup is the “porcelain skin” in terms of texture;
  • Then apply a light face foundation just to even out the skin tone, but leave it looking more natural – for this purpose, the best option is to apply the foundation with a damp sponge ;
  • If necessary, you can apply concealer at this stage , to smooth dark circles, acne marks, brighten the face, etc.;
  • Apply the face powder all over the face to mattify the skin – opt for one with a fine texture that doesn’t weigh down the skin;
  • When it comes to blushing, the rule is simple: the more the better! Unlike common makeup, here you can weigh the blush, but the ideal is to apply the product little by little, until you get the result you want;
  • If you like, you can use a brown eye pencil or eyeliner to make some fake freckles on your cheeks and nose;
  • Finally, e-girls often draw different figures on the face, which you can do after finishing the skin.

Eyes And Lips

  • Start your eye makeup by applying a colored eyeshadow of your choice and blending it well;
  • At the time of the eyeliner you can also abuse. The rule is to make a very striking and eye-catching outline. For this, you can trace the top and bottom of the lashes – or just the top, if you prefer. Other options are the cat eyeliner, the double eyeliner mixing two different colors, or another one of your choice;
  • Apply mascara on the upper lashes;
  • To visually enhance the eyes, you can smudge an eyeshadow or pencil with a brush – close to the lower lashes;
  • On the lips, you can use Lip Tint or make a gradient effect with lipstick – the favorite shades are pink and red. To finish, many e-girls like the gloss, it will give a bigger lips effect.

Drawings To Do In Makeup

The e-girl makeup is characterized by the drawings made on the face, which make up the look and are the final touch to the makeup. The most common figures are small hearts, little stars, fruits, characters, etc. Design sizes can vary, and the most common locations are on the forehead, below the eyes, and on the cheeks.