What Is Mewing and Can This Technique Improve Facial Contours

With age, the oval of the face inevitably changes. The chin line becomes less pronounced, the cheeks become flatter, and fleas may appear. Mewing promises to tighten the oval of the face and pump up the cheekbones. But is this technique really as effective as it is claimed to be?

What Is Mewing

Mewing is a facial contouring system developed by Dr. Mike Mew. A British orthodontist. Together with his father, the orthodontist John Mew, he promoted the idea of ​​changing the shape of the face and jaw line through exercises.

John Mew suggested that when a person performs certain exercises, he accustoms himself to the correct position of the tongue in the mouth. According to his theory, this allows you to achieve the correct ratio of individual facial features. And it can also correct the bite and get rid of sleep apnea. The aesthetic effect is also a bonus. Mewing involves the muscles of the neck and chin, due to which the oval of the face changes for the better. As posture affects health, the position of the tongue affects appearance and well-being.

Mike Mew dedicated a blog to the technique on the Internet, where in numerous videos he talks and shows how to do mewing. The system has become popular, both stars and just those who are interested in the possibility of improving the shape of the face without surgical intervention have become partisans of the method.

How Does That Work

Mewing is a workout for chewing and articulatory-mimic muscles. They can be weakened, or, on the contrary, have an increased tone, which changes the bite, the shape of the palate, the position of the teeth, the height of the cheekbones. Exercises teach you to hold the tongue in a palatal position, which trains the muscles. Through the correction of muscle work, an aesthetic effect is also achieved.

According to the author of the technique, after regular training, the cheekbones become better defined. The neck is taut, the chin is slightly moved forward, which visually makes it clearer. This is what made this technique a popular beauty trend.

“Mewing”, the myofunctional exercise, is a system of exercises that are aimed at normalizing the position and functioning of the tongue in the oral cavity, says Elena Bogatova, cosmetologist, dermatologist, trichologist, nutritionist. It is used in orthodontics for bite correction and stability of the result. The system includes various exercises, for example, the location of the tongue in the area of ​​the hard palate, and not on the teeth, as well as swallowing with closed lips.

How to Do the Exercises and How Often

The main task of the training is to learn how to keep the tongue in the mouth tightly pressed against the palate, while the teeth should slightly touch each other, but not be compressed. Find a small depression in the palate to the front upper teeth and press the tip of the tongue there, and then press its root and back against the palate. In this position, you need to linger for a minute, then repeat it again.

To learn how to “mew” correctly, you can also practice making a soft “ny” sound.

During the workout, keep your neck and head straight, as if you are stretching the top of your head to the ceiling, but do not tense your neck and shoulders.

A set of exercises is done daily for 10-15 minutes. The founder of the method claims that visual improvements can be expected after 6-12 months of daily training.

  • Dropping the chin. Keep your back and neck straight and relax your shoulders. Lower your chin as if you are trying to touch your chest with your tongue, while pressing on the palatine region. Repeat 50 times.
  • The author himself recommends using chewing gum for this. Make chewing movements, trying to “dissolve” the chewing gum, while pressing it against the palate. By doing this, you put pressure on the maxilla bone, which is also called the “beauty bone”. Chew the gum until it loses its taste.
  • Finger pressure. This exercise can be performed in the supine position. Wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. With your thumb, press on the sky area for a minute. Repeat first with one, then with the other hand.
  • Drinking water. Take some water in your mouth and take a sip, while pressing hard on the palate with your tongue. Make sure that the cheeks and lips are relaxed when swallowing – you can’t help the muscles of the face.
  • Tongue pressure. Put your lips together to prevent mouth breathing. The teeth should lightly touch each other, but do not clench them. Press the entire surface of the tongue (not just the tip) on the palatal region. How to understand that the position is correct? With clenched teeth, smile broadly, swallow saliva and at the same time feel how the tongue is reflexively pressed against the palate – and this is where you need to press. Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose.

Can Mewing Improve Facial Contours

Mewing as a beauty procedure continues to be very popular. The photographs of the supporters of the method are also impressive, in which you can see their results. Pronounced cheekbones, chiseled profiles, a perfect jawline. But not all such stories can be trusted. Visit the sports betting tonybet and discover thousands of sport events to bet on your favorite team.

According to some orthodontists and facial estheticians  this technique cannot give you a chin like, for example, Bella Hadid, even if you train all day. In addition, if you overdo it and do not follow the execution technique, you can only achieve pain in the jaw and neck.

Mewing cannot change the size or shape of the bones, but it can promote the development of the facial skeleton in accordance with the genetic potential of each individual. This will make the face more harmonious.