What Your Lettering Tattoo Might Say About You and Your Beliefs

Lettering tattoos provide emphasis, both on words and symbols, either of which the customer wants attention drawn to for any reason. Customers holding onto profound memories and words of strength will often embrace the idea of getting a lettering tattoo. There are details surrounding lettering and tattoos that make these distinct works of art stand out from others. To understand the benefits of lettering tattoos, keep reading because, by the end of this article, you’ll know what lettering tattoos might say about you and your beliefs.

Bold, large lettering for emphasis

As a customer, you’d want bold, large lettering if you wanted to draw immediate attention to a word or phrase. Unlike other tattoos, lettering tattoos draw attention to the individual letters, as well as to the word as a whole. Large lettering with curved lines has a different impact than large lettering with sharp lines. As a customer, choosing bold, large lettering is ideal if the word or phrase is far more important than the surrounding art. If a person, place, object, or event has significance, a large and bold lettered tattoo might show others you’re serious about making a difference, amplifying a voice, or emphasizing your views on a cause. While bold lettering is great for emphasis, all customers should look to see what gifts their tattooist left behind. A seasoned veteran will design a tattoo with plenty of contrast while still showing restraint in the use of bolding.

Multiple shading patterns to stand out

Shading in tattooing can be compared to the shading techniques done with pencil art. In pencil art, artists use rendering and hatching to dictate how the lines and imagery are perceived to the eye. During the work, a tattoo artist will likely switch shading patterns from slightly faded to darker, to draw attention to certain images or lettering. Because lettering tattoos might be around images, a darker shading pattern might make the images appear closer to the lettering. Conversely, a lighter shading pattern might make the images and lettering seem further apart. For the best results, the tattooist will use either a round shader or magnum shader needles. Either way, the concept of shading and space is crucial in doing tattoo work. After all, you have to consider the amount of room the tattooist has available to work with from the start.

Tattoo lettering and resistance to oppression

Sometimes, a lettering tattoo might be ideal if you have a need to express your disapproval of the modern world. But gang tattoos are the most common example you’d think of in this scenario, as they’re all about mean symbols and resistance. However, anyone, from a disgruntled employee to a woke young adult can find benefit from a lettering tattoo that speaks out against oppression. Often, these tattoos will contain graffiti-like lettering designed to draw immediate attention to thought-provoking phrases. Even the most considerate tattooists wouldn’t be inclined to refuse to letter an offensive word. But just think, with the harsh realities of modern society, aggressive lettering with wild and intense lines can achieve a great effect. So, if you’ve purchased a lettering tattoo and gotten plenty of negative feedback, there’s a good chance you were willing to use this particular kind of tattoo to speak out against issues that matter.

The kind of lettering tattoo you choose might say a lot about you and your beliefs. Whether your tattoo contains strong lines, dark shading, or letters from aggressive language, the design matters. Lettering is used to draw attention to both words and phrases. Either words or phrases can elicit an emotional response from those around. The next time you get a lettering tattoo, consider it an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Chances are, the letters on your tattoo speak louder than any words you’d normally say.