Where Can I Buy An Ounce Of Gold Online?

You can purchase an ounce of gold (or more) online in numerous ways. The most secure way to buy an ounce of gold is to shop online from precious metal dealers or through a local online dealer or collector. If you are not looking to pay for a tangible asset, you can also purchase online via exchange-traded funds tracking the commodity. 

ETF gold investments are a secure way to purchase gold, as ETFs aim to match the asset’s price performance from the fund’s annual expense ratio. With these measures in place, you avoid risk and can adequately protect your investment with total holding value. You also benefit from the added liquidity of gold ETFs, which is much more significant than physical gold.  

The safest approach is to purchase an ounce of gold from online dealers. By investing in gold from reputable, licensed dealers online, you can trust that your investment is safe and genuine. For the answer to “where can I buy an ounce of gold?” and tips on avoiding scams, continue reading below. 


Buying From Reputable Dealers

Dealers licensed to deal with precious metals are your best bet. Whether you want to buy one of gold or more, you may wonder, “where can I buy an ounce of gold.” You can buy from reputable online dealers. These licensed professionals should have a certificate of authenticity and have the means to answer any questions you have about their gold offerings. 

Asking: “where can I buy an ounce of gold?”

Make sure that you research ahead of time to ensure that the dealers online you come across are as legitimate as they appear. Read the reviews and check third-party sites for feedback on queries like “where can I buy an ounce of gold?” that are likely more honest than through the site’s feedback directly. Never purchase gold from pawnshops or from independent sellers who can’t provide proof of authenticity. 

Knowing The Spot Price 

You can also avoid scams by knowing the coin’s spot price value. The online seller should be willing to sell for less than traditional dealers. When you research “where can I buy an ounce of gold,” you’ll find out that brick-and-mortar dealers must account for their overhead costs, so gold prices are higher in person than online. If your dealer is not able to tell you the gold’s purity, weight, and authenticity, they’re likely scamming you. 

 Lacking Purity Verification  

Only purchase from dealers who can support the legitimacy of the precious metals sold. When you search online, “where can I buy an ounce of gold?” stay away from sites that can’t prove purity. You can only verify if gold is pure by seeing an official approval or by conducting a magnet test.

Buying Gold Online 

Work with a precious metal dealer you really trust by doing your research first. Find reputable dealers online that will not only offer a competitive price for your gold purchase but also the customer service you expect to back the authenticity of the supply.