Why Alcohol Should Be Considered More Dangerous?

Addiction is quickly becoming a major problem in American society and should be taken seriously. Each year new strains of drugs come out whether they be natural or synthetic and so more and more people become prey to the scourge of addiction to drug abuse. It was found that almost 20 million of the total population in this country is involved in abusing at least one drug with a large majority being frequent users of more than one drug. The NCDAS found that the 18 to 25 age group was amongst the most common to be involved in drug abuse with almost 40 percent of people in this age group being involved with drug abuse. This is a dangerous statistic since the 18 to 25 age group is the one that is supposed to supply the country with the manpower to run its multitude of industries and services. Without a trained and able workforce, the country is going to suffer. Moreover, these people who should be a source of profit for the nation are essentially becoming an economic and social burden on society.

One of the main drugs behind this sudden rise is Alcohol Treatment in West Palm Beach. During the prohibition days in America, the sale and consumption of alcohol were banned and if you wanted to get your hands on any type of alcohol you had to spend a lot of money and take risks as getting caught could mean that criminal action could be taken against you. Nowadays, the tables have turned and alcohol has become a socially acceptable drink and is widely available. Most cities and towns in the country have a bar or a pub every few city blocks. Even restaurants offer a wide selection of expensive wines and champagnes which have become a common way of celebration in social events. Most people expect to get off work and go out for drinks with their co-workers. In America, there is a minimum age requirement of 21 years for the purchase and consumption of alcohol but in practice, it is often overlooked by store owners or bypassed by determined teenagers. Youngsters have been quickly becoming more and more involved in alcohol consumption and it is becoming a serious problem. Thanks to the sorority culture alcohol consumption on college and university campuses have become normalized. For most youngsters, these are their first experiences away from any strict authority figures and they often turn to alcohol. According to a study alcohol addictions that start at such a young age often are left untreated and cause liver problems in the future. Alcohol on its own is enough of a nuisance but for most people alcohol is a stepping stone onto hard drugs. It is also a common practice to mix alcohol and some other prescription drugs as a way to “enhance” the alcohol high. This is a dangerous practice since even a slight overdose can end up in death or serious damage to the brain and other internal organs.

Alcohol is also known for seriously shifting the mood of a person. Hearing that a drunk person is acting unlike themselves is a common occurrence. Under the influence of alcohol people often act unconsciously and do things they might not agree with when they are sober. A common example of this is drunk driving. Each year a considerable number of people are killed in drunk driving accidents. These include both the person driving under the influence and the innocent bystander who was at the wrong place and the wrong time.

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem and can cause serious mental and physical harm to the addict so if you know someone suffering from addiction the best thing you can do is to get them help through a rehab clinic. Lookup seven arrows recovery to learn more about rehab.