Why It Is a Risk to Share Any Streaming Service Password 

Sharing your streaming service password may seem harmless, but it comes with risks. Most people share their passwords all the time, or you are one of the recipients. It may be convenient, but sharing your password is a security risk. The more you consider it, it is best to stream The Pirate Bay and other online platforms without sharing the passwords. But, it is better to know the risks first before you make an informed decision. Below are some security risks of sharing your streaming service password.

It increases your password theft risk 

The act of sharing your password increases the risk of having your password compromised. Because, no matter who you share it with, you have two or more people using the password, widening the attack surface. For instance, someone using your password can be a victim of a phishing scam. Using your password to the phony site already exposes your password. Thus, even though you did not fall for the scam, your password is in the wrong hands. Also, attackers can get your password if you share it with someone who has a key logger on your computer and you did not know. Again, this leaks your credentials not because of you but them. Since it is hard to police everything someone does to your password, avoid sharing it and worry less about the risks.

They can share your password with others 

It is easy to share your password with someone, and it is easy for them to pass it to someone else without your knowledge. You may have a higher payment plan, and you can watch on more than two screens at once, or they get in a deal to take turns using the account with their roommates. Therefore, it may feel secure to share with one person, but this individual can pass it to others without your knowledge. Thus, it increases the risk of password exposure and compromising it.

Using the same password elsewhere makes it dangerous 

It is the worst password mistake, but most people still use the same password on other websites. Therefore, a breach of one website will lead to password exposure. Thus, anyone who finds it will try using it on other websites with the help of your email address. Plus, if it is the same password on your bank accounts. You are at risk. So, it is a terrible idea and an increase in vulnerability to share your streaming service password when it is the same with other sensitive accounts. Again, the person you share it with may not be as trustworthy and can get curious about trying other places you may be using the password. But, if you trust them, they will not do this, and you can negate the risk and choose different and unique passwords for other places. However, if you are following this irresponsible practice, it is an increased threat.  

You could get locked out of your account 

Sharing your password with anyone is a way to give them access to the whole account. While using your password, they can decide to change your password from your account settings to what they want. In doing this, they boot all the users of your account, and they need to have a new password. Plus, you are locked out of your account. But, they cannot change the email account, for they will have to change the payment details. Thus, you can still reset your password and defeat their devious effort. But, this is only possible if your email password is the same as the password they know. IP address proxy check is a process of examining an IP address to determine whether it is associated with a proxy server.

It’s against the rules

Most streaming service sites today warn people against sharing passwords. Therefore, take time and read through the terms and conditions. You will find account sharing is illegal. You can only share it with people you live with under one roof. You may not get in trouble, but it is a security risk you should take seriously. Although no action can be taken against password sharing, learn the risks and protect yourself from them. There’s more at risk from the simple practice of sharing your password than you may know.