Why the Mercedes Sprinter is the Top Choice for Van Conversion

Van conversions can be a great way to enjoy life from the road. When it comes to starting a van build or even selecting the right conversion van already built, one of the factors you’ll probably consider is the platform it’s built on. There are many light commercial vans perfectly suitable for building a camper van, and among these, many van life enthusiasts opt for Sprinter vans. For expert guidance on choosing your base van, you can find d companies that do a sprinter van conversion in Phoenix These Mercedes-Benz (and sometimes Dodge) vans offer an excellent platform for several reasons. To understand better, let’s explore the appeal of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for Sprinter van conversion in Phoenix.

High Ceilings

All too often, we overlook the simple comforts that can make a world of difference when we’re living a van life. When you’re planning to spend a lot of time in your van, it’s important to make sure you’ll be comfortable in the long run. While the height of the van and ceiling can vary depending on the trim package, model, and year you opt for, Sprinters often boast some impressive headroom. 2023 Sprinter Cargo Vans, for example, offer between 68 inches and 79 inches of interior standing height depending on whether you opt for the standard roof or high roof.

Highly Customizable

Another reason Sprinters make great conversion vans is that they can be extensively customized to meet your needs. Sprinters are available in a number of configurations, and their cargo-oriented design makes them an excellent choice for modifications. Owners can find varying roof heights, configurations, trim packages, and engines, and a number of aftermarket companies specialize in outfitting Sprinter vans to spec or in popular configurations.

Great on Roads

Even though Sprinters make great campers, they’re also comfortable on the road. Larger RVs can be difficult to navigate, especially on smaller roads and in clustered areas. Sprinter vans offer a lot of living space and many of the amenities one might find in a larger recreational vehicle but in a much smaller and more maneuverable package. Many newer Sprinters are also available in all-wheel drive, making them more capable of handling loose surfaces.

Great for Camping

Sprinters with their abundance of cargo space and highly modifiable nature, can make great campers. They’re large enough to outfit with amenities such as stoves, toilets, and showers, yet still small enough to make them parking lot and sharp corner friendly. The abundant space they offer, combined with their rugged nature, make them excellent camper vans.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot to love about Mercedes Sprinters. It’s unsurprising that so many van life enthusiasts tout the draws of Sprinter vans. These can make excellent conversion vans thanks to their high ceilings, large cargo space, customizable and modifiable nature, and road-friendly size. They’re as comfortable on small roads as they are as a camper, and finding parts for them is rarely a challenge. Available in a number of configurations, owners will have a lot of options as far as drivetrain, power, and size. Newer models offer all-wheel drive, making them an excellent choice for a number of uses.