By Introducing Blackstone Griddles BBQs 2u Fulfilled the Dream!

BBQs 2u has always been passionate about barbeques and grilled foods. For the last 3 generations, this family business was concentrated on these foods only.

BBQs 2u represented famous brands like Ooni, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Napoleon, etc. so far. However, now including Blackstone Griddles also in the list, BBQs 2u has fulfilled the dream of cooking outside of the home!

At the website, one can find the details of this new food-making machine.

Many clients have long desired an outdoor cooking station, and BBQs 2u was well aware of this. When cooking outside, the new 36″ Griddle with Hood’s 4 distinct heat zones is going to provide the users the most control possible.

This flat-top grill has two folding side shelves that fold for simpler storage and also provide users with extra area for prepping food while cooking.

The paper towel holder and magnetic tool strip that is included with this new model will be adored by its users. With this griddle, customers will have practically everything they need to enjoy amazing outdoor cooking at their fingertips.

Product details

A great addition to the grilling equipment and accessories is the Blackstone 1866 36″ and 4 Burner Hard Top Griddle. The burner hard top griddle has a hard top for durability and measures 36″. In order to maximise cooking space, this hard-top grill also has 4 burners.

  • Hard top griddle measures 36”
  • Includes four burners for optimal cooking space
  • Hard top grill for durability
  • 60,000 BTUs
  • Grill Dimensions: Length 64.5” x Depth 25.8” x Height”
  • Weight: 141lbs
  • Stylish painted hood with stainless hardware
  • Patented grease management system on the rear side
  • New National Control Knobs
  • Magnetic Retention Strip for Utensil
  • Electronic Ignition System
  • Blackstone Bottle Opener
  • Pivoting Paper towel holder
  • Threaded Gas Rail Connector
  • Primary Cooking Area: 768 sq. inches.
  • Griddle Plate Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Ignition Type: Electronic

What people liked about Blackstone Griddles:

  • A sizable grill surface that can prepare a wide variety of dishes, from steak to pancakes, for any sizable crowd of diners.
  • The grease trap has been relocated to the back side of the griddle top in this new version of the product, eliminating a flaw in an earlier design and making it easier to direct all fats and oils to the very back of the griddle.
  • This product’s 4 well-built wheels make it much simpler to move this, admittedly heavy, griddle around.
  • The griddle’s 4 strong burners heat it up rapidly and may be operated alone to provide different heat zones across the cooking surface.
  • It is possible to remove the griddle’s surface, which makes cleaning that much simpler.

Finally, the Blackstone 36 fixes the issues that were not liked by most users with the former model’s leakage of fats and grease down the front leg by including two side shelves and a rear grease trap.

The sheer expanse of its cooking surface, versatility, and precise temperature control produced by the 4 independent high-powered burners set this new Blackstone 36 model apart from the competition. This new model is surely going to attract many customers!